Monday, September 17, 2018

Crop Happies | Masculine Card | FSJ | Rich Sorbet Journey Colors

#maskingandinking #inkedbackgrounds #masculinecard #handmadecards

I don't know which is better to have the inks or the cardstock!!  I think both!  But if you HAD to choose, ink is such an awesome investment.  

ALL cardstock and ALL True Color Fusion Ink Pads are 20% off for the month of September!!  You can shop the Color On Color Sale here.  Along with the Cardstock and Ink Pad sale all month, each week there will be a color bundle sale announced as well.  So be sure to follow the FSJ blog and FB page.  FSJ Journey Colors are:  Confectionary DaysMother NatureParty PopRich SorbetsThe Good Life, and Be Amazing.

For my projects today I used our Rich Sorbet Journey Colors.  Lots of things come to mind when I see this palette, but one is bejeweled!  Remember that game?  We have played the app and have the real-life game...all those jewels are sooo pretty!

I am starting to pack and get ready to spend time with friends at a crop, and I usually like to make 'happies' to give out to them, but I didn't think I would have time and not sure what to create.  The theme of the crop is GAMES.  The image they created gave me my idea and worked perfectly with Rich Sorbet Journey Colors.

I needed more than usual for just in case some other friends show up.  And limited on time, I needed something quick and easy to mass produce.  Light bulb moment (LOL which goes with my Masculine Card below).  This is a stamp set that was only available to Coaches.  I don't believe it is still available to them, and has the old FSJ logo as well, but it is EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED!  Had to use it!

#maskingandinking #inkedbackgrounds #masculinecard #handmadecards

I paired that stamp set with all the fun images of supplies with our new Game On Stamp Set.  But the key to making these quick comes in with not a lot of die cutting, and using lots of ink!  I die cut two circles to start.  Then used our Pennant Fun die set to die cut four triangles from one of the circles.  That circle is what I used as my mask to use our dauber to get the color on these.  I used some masking tape to make sure I didn't get contamination, so I could move quickly and not worry about getting wonky coloring.

#maskingandinking #inkedbackgrounds #masculinecard #handmadecards

I have a MISTI as well, which helped so much in stamping so many.  The only thing I had to detail cut was the arrow from the Word Up stamp set.  And last, had to add some 'bejewels' using our Rainbow Drops.  I'm happy to have 'happies' to give out!

#maskingandinking #inkedbackgrounds #masculinecard #handmadecards

Now onto the lightbulb...LOL...really had nothing to do with my lightbulb moment above.  Another project I needed to get done quickly where inks really helped, and they also help to create more layers while making this card completely mailable.

#maskingandinking #inkedbackgrounds #masculinecard #handmadecards

I die cut an oval to use as a mask over the stamped center lightbulb and added first Pretty Pansy, then Huckleberry Fusion inks with dauber.  Then sprinkled card with Beach Breeze silk.

#maskingandinking #inkedbackgrounds #masculinecard #handmadecards

I used Raspberry Berry for stamping the lightbulbs, added some Summer Days ink with dauber to lightbulb and used it to stamp my 'shine' and sentiment.  Last thing I added was Journey Glaze to the sentiment, parts of lightbulb and the 'shine.'

#maskingandinking #inkedbackgrounds #masculinecard #handmadecards

I did this for my other masculine card and have done a few actually like this, really love the look it gives, similar to store bought cards.  Love this Inside and Out stamp set.  The Happy Birthday is in Huckleberry and the second sentiment is in Blue Lagoon.

#maskingandinking #inkedbackgrounds #masculinecard #handmadecards

Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy the sale while you can!

Supplies Used:

Game On Stamp / AT-0327
Word Up Stamp Set / SS-0282
Pennant Fun Die Set / DI-0030
Journey Circles Die Set / DI-0039
Raspberry Berry True Color Fusion Ink Pad / IP-0056
Blue Lagoon True Color Fusion Ink Pad / IP-0002
Summer Days True Color Fusion Ink Pad / IP-0042
Deep Lilac True Color Fusion Ink Pad / IP-0055
Huckleberry Fusion True Color Fusion Ink Pad / IP-0035
Whip Cream Cardstock / CS-0040
Summer Days Cardstock / CS-0033
Rainbow Drops / AC-0178
Be Bright Brads / AC-0217
Be Natural Brads / AC-0216

Be The Light Card:
Delightful Light Stamp Set / SS-0344
Inside and Out Stamp Set / SS-0576
Time to Shine Stamp / AT-0304
Pretty Pansy True Color Fusion Ink Pad / IP-0026
Huckleberry Fusion True Color Fusion Ink Pad / IP-0035
Summer Days True Color Fusion Ink Pad / IP-0042
Blue Lagoon True Color Fusion Ink Pad / IP-0002
Raspberry Berry True Color Fusion Ink Pad / IP-0056
Summer Days Cardstock / CS-0033
Huckleberry Fusion Cardstock / CS-0015
Beach Ball Silk / IP-0145
Journey Glaze 2 oz / AD-0003
Dauber Dowel Large (3 cm) / TO-0138

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Monday, September 10, 2018

Beach Trip Pocket Pages | FSJ | Party Pop Journey Colors

Labor Day is over, but the Color On Color sale at Fun Stampers Journey is still going strong.  ALL cardstock and ALL True Color Fusion Ink Pads are 20% off for the month of September!!  You can shop the Color On Color Sale here.  Along with the Cardstock and Ink Pad sale all month, each week there will be a color bundle sale announced as well.  So be sure to follow the FSJ blog and FB page.  FSJ Journey Colors are:  Confectionary DaysMother NatureParty PopRich SorbetsThe Good Life, and Be Amazing.

I love any paper crafting, but memory keeping in any form is where my heart is, for me personally.  It is how I started creating.  I searched the web for classes so I could create a Life Book for the Adoption story of my daughter.  The long three-year wait for her after a life-changing loss of my Mom, leaving a 20-year job had me immersed in learning and making anything and everything.  It was my 'therapy.'  As years, and seasons of life go by, everything evolves, and my memory keeping has as well.  After doing my own creations, being on a number of design teams for manufacturers and kit clubs, I do not have the room to store all the creations.  

While I'm wrapping up 2017 in the FSJ Traveler Notebook, using my personal stash, I think what helped me decide what format to use for 2018 came when I did a class at the FSJ Convention in June.  The class was to help Coaches reach scrapbookers.  My part of the class centered around the FSJ Journey Days albums and pocket pages.  I have done Project Life for about 4-5 years in the large 12x12 format and sometimes had to divide a year between albums.  So much for saving room.  LOL  I love dimension...I'm a scrapbooker.  I thought there is no way I can fit a year into a smaller 6x8 album, but this season of my life leaves little time for my personal documenting, and I HAD to find a way, it is that important to me.  

Pocket Page scrapbooking really is the way to go when you have a lot of photos and limited on time.  But how to get photos to fit into the pockets?  I shared in that class in June, a couple of apps that you can use with a printer at home or send off to be printed, but will allow you to make the photos smaller to fit our pockets.  Nowadays, we pull out our smartphones to show off family photos and not wallet photos, and thankfully there are some amazing apps that will help you get those photos printed.  These are the top ones I really liked:  Pic Collage, PicFrame, and Print to Size.  I believe Pic Collage and PicFrame are available for Android smartphones, but there is a lot available, so do a Google Search to find more.  These do cost I believe, but are very much worth it.

And it is worth checking these apps out also if you use your phone for a lot of photos, are limited on time and space, and really want to be able to sit down and look through these memories. 

Going along with my class in June at Convention, I wanted to show how you could teach and share how easy it is to get these photos documented just by coordinating our products with your photos and how the pockets are designed to help get a LOT of photos documented in a smaller space.  This was our June beach trip, and our first to the 30A location, which their licensed merchandise just so happens to be Beach Ball and Lemon Drop.  Limiting myself to using the Journey Colors of Party Pop already helps to save time.  I know I need alphas, and a few other stamps and dies to coordinate, and I'm ready to start.

I start with the photos first, grouping them in chronological order of the trip, and then by location (i.e. on beach, flying kite, hanging out in condo, shopping).  I really take my time when I do this, all while I look at the different sizes of pocket pages to see how the photos will fit.  It is like a puzzle, and I tend to be a little precise with getting them just right.  

I printed that beach photo with the umbrella as a 4x6, trimmed it to fit the 2x2 pockets, stamped and die cut the specific beach location, and filled those first three pockets.  Because this album will be photo heavy, I want to show how you really can add a lot of product without bulk.  Just the right amount of texture and color to create a balanced spread.  I did another trimming effect using those 2x2 pockets.  So easy peasy, cut the Beach Breeze cardstock to fit, and using a pencil and ruler, I marked where journaling should go on the Lemon Drop Cardstock to fit and used my Mom's old typewriter for journaling.

I can get so lost in projects like this.  It really is like a fun puzzle for me with the added creativity.  For this next spread, I wanted a little more product, so I left the two small 2x2 pockets at bottom for cardstock and stamping, and used one 3x4 for a die cut and journaling.  Background stamps are great for not adding bulk, but still adding dimension, texture, and color!  And we have some great ones!

Any kind of layering causes bulk in these albums, and if you continue to add layers, just know your album will be fuller, so for the most part, I will limit it, but this is also a vacation trip and deserves a little extra layering!  I used the Love This stamp set as a bullet to make a list that I typed onto the vellum.  Our inks will dry permanently on most surfaces like vellum.  I layered that over the die cut Sun Rays Die, that I then die cut with our Pocket Cuts Die Set, a valuable die set for pocket pages.  

I still had a good bit of photos I wanted to fit in this section.  I went with my old-fashioned way of using Lightroom on my computer to make a collage on a 4x6, but what is awesome is those apps can do the exact same thing!  Six photos in one 4x6 pocket, YES!  Now to get creative with product, I picked one photo to keep 4x6 and used our Modern Frame stamp and die set, which I LOVED!!   It focused on the photo, important to memory keeping, added texture and added color with very little bulk.

Those are just a few pages so far.  Will save the rest for my crop this month using the same Journey Colors and products throughout this section of my album.  But before I go, wanted to give a little peek of the beginning of the album for 2018.  This was using those apps and just slipping the photos inside pockets.  I did add a little bit of our pattern paper here.  I will be adding more fun details and product at the crop. when I have more time.  I got all the way up to getting April of 2018 photos by just slipping them into the pockets!   

I will share this as it comes together because I think the FSJ Journey Days Albums and pockets are a sweet gem and timesaver for busy women wanting to document.  I will stick to all FSJ products as well, so it can be an example of how easy it is to use our products for memory keeping, and can help Coaches share with customers.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  

Supplies Used:
Brushed Silver Journey Days Album / JD-0018
Memory Pocket Pages / JD-0019
Create Pocket Pages / JD-0020
Layer Pocket Pages / JD-0021
Palm Fronds / AT-0209
Love This / AT-0342
Life's Moments / SS-0628
Modern Frame / SS-0564
Solid-bet / SS-0489
Outline-bet / SS-0488
Outline Bet Die Set / DI-0350
Pocket Cuts Die Set / DI-0219
Sun Rays Die Set / DI-0108
Modern Frame Die Set / DI-0419
Ring Stacks Stencil / JM-0006
Beach Breeze True Color Ink Pad / IP-0044
Beach Ball True Color Ink Pad / IP-0047
Watermelon Fusion True Color Ink Pad / IP-0027
Whip Cream Cardstock / CS-0040
Beach Ball Cardstock / CS-0101
Lemon Drop Cardstock / CS-0062
Watermelon Fusion Cardstock / CS-0070
Rich Coral Cardstock / CS-0106
Citrus Cooler Cardstock / CS-0102
Limeade Splash Cardstock / CS-0048
Journey Vellum / PP-0044

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Monday, September 03, 2018

Masculine Birthday Card | FSJ | Mother Nature Journey Colors

Happy Labor Day!  Lots of Labor Day Sales, but I am super excited to share that Fun Stampers Journey has a really special sale, one that doesn't come around too often.  ALL cardstock and ALL True Color Fusion Ink Pads are 20% off for the month of September!!  You can shop the Color On Color Sale here.  Along with the Cardstock and Ink Pad sale all month, each week there will be a color bundle sale announced as well.  So be sure to follow the FSJ blog and FB page.  FSJ Journey Colors are:  Confectionary Days, Mother Nature, Party Pop, Rich Sorbets, The Good Life, and Be Amazing.

For today, I wanted to share with you a card using the Mother Nature Journey Colors.  I will say, these may not always be my first choice of colors, but there are some awesome basics like Oatmeal Cookie, River Stone, Catalina Splash, and more.  Although these colors work great with other color combos, if you combine just these colors, I think Fall, Outdoors, and definitely Masculine, and they have a soothing feeling to them.

So I wanted to share a simple card perfect to celebrate a birthday for the men in your life.  I started with Oatmeal Cookie as my card panel, and used both Green Olive and Fresh Forest to do a two-tone stamping effect with the very very popular and best selling Stay Wild stamp set.

And then I added the map stamp from the Hit the Road stamp set, which is another must have, very very popular selling stamp we offer, and my cat, Boo, approves ;)

From the Hit the Road stamp set, I also made 'signs' for the front of my card.  I used one of my favorite alternative colors to Black Licorice, Dark Roast True Color Fusion Ink Pad.  After my card was assembled, I added the Journey Glaze over them to resemble 'signs.'  Added some layering with the 'signs,' but also added layering with my card panel, LOVE the look and detail of cards like this.  I finished the card off with another favorite silk of mine, Dark Roast Silk.  For embellishments, I used the sides of the Hazelnut Blend Ink Pad across the wood hashtag for a distressed look, with a little bit of Fresh Forest with a dauber, added twine under a 'sign' and a man clip.  We don't want frilly for a 'man' card right? LOL

For the inside I used our new Inside and Out stamp set and used Denim Days for the main sentiment and then used Catalina Splash for the second sentiment.  This card is for my husband.  He has been going on more and more motorcycle adventures, and has a big one planned for next year, so this totally 'fits' him right now.

Hope you stock up on some favorites and have fun creating!  Have a safe, and happy Labor Day!

Supplies Used:
Hit the Road Stamp Set / SS-0312
Stay Wild ATS / AT-0207
Inside and Out Stamp Set / SS-0576
Green Olive True Color Fusion Ink Pad / IP-0072
Fresh Forest True Color Fusion Ink Pad / IP-0013
River Stone True Color Fusion Ink Pad / IP-0053
Catalina Splash True Color Fusion Ink Pad / IP-0073
Dark Roast True Color Fusion Ink Pad / IP-0050
Denim Days True Color Fusion Ink Pad / IP-0010
Oatmeal Cookie Cardstock / CS-0023
Dark Roast Cardstock / CS-0091
Catalina Splash Cardstock / CS-0114
Denim Days Cardstock / CS-0082
Green Olive Cardstock / CS-0113
River Stone Cardstock / CS-0094
Pomegranate Splash Cardstock / CS-0027
Corrugated Stock / ST-0124
Dark Roast Silk / IP-0095
Journey Twine Natural / AC-0005
Fam Bam Elements / AC-0099
Summer Fun Chips / AC-0214
Journey Glaze 2 oz / AD-0003
Journey Corner Rounder / TO-0150
Journey Days Stapler / TO-0118

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Friday, August 17, 2018

Wonderful You God | Bible Journaling | FSJ

I have been making some time after working for Fun Stampers Journey to get a little creative in my Bible again.  I thought I would pull out the paints since they are on special right now at FSJ!  

I pretty much used all FSJ except for Clear Gesso to prep my page for the paint and the date stamp...well, of course the Bible as well ;)  I used the FSJ gel press to help me spread the paint and get it onto the brayer, then placed the FSJ Heart Wall stencil on my page after applying a thin layer of the clear gesso.  I did that in Cool Pool acrylic paint.  Next I lightly mixed the Green Olive, Limeade Splash with a little Cool Pool acrylic Paints with the brayer, placed the FSJ Fluttering Hearts Gel Impression plate into the paint (used the clear plastic to hold it as a stamp), and then pressed onto the page.

It dries so fast, and then I stamped.  I do have a Misti and wanted to maneuver it so that I could re-stamp the sentiment in case it did not come out dark enough.  I did get a little offset :p HA!  It is okay, it if fun to embrace imperfection especially with this.  That sentiment is from the new Remarkable stamp set, how perfect right?!  Added some other new FSJ goodies, the Big Alphabet stickers and the File Tab Sticky Notes!

Added some FSJ washi that has a translucent look to it but add just enough texture and color.  And more imperfect if you read my journaling, I fixed it, but God already knew what I was saying anyway ;)  I finished it off with an FSJ clip, bow and twine.  

Thank you for stopping by!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  We made it through our first full week of school here, so looking forward to it.

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Thursday, August 09, 2018

DIY Fall/Winter Trays | Mixed Media | FSJ

I'm always excited when Fun Stampers Journey has promotions going on, especially this one.  It is all about some of my favorite goodies.  The promotion is called Prepped to Play!  With his promotion, think all things DIY, Artsy, Mixed Media, things to as the promotion says...PLAY!  And play I did today using the Scenic Trays.  They come in a pack of 3 and are ADORABLE!!  I had used one last year, so I only had two to play with (boo), otherwise I would have done Fall, Halloween, and Winter trays.

For my trays I wanted to focus on one stencil and one stamp set, so that Coaches and customers could see the versatility of them for both seasons and maybe even do a class.  And I do think the Martha's Pumpkins stamp and die sets are a must have...GORGEOUS!!  The stamp has four designs for any occasion and one that has spider webs for Halloween, so extremely useable and a good buy.  That is a brand new set available in our new Journey Holidays mini catalog.  Look through the new holiday catalog here!  Shop for them here!

After painting the tray with Oatmeal Cookie acrylic paint, I spread Oatmeal Cookie acrylic paint over the new Buffalo Check 6x6 stencil onto the Journey Gel Press using the brayer.  So my stencil is placed onto the gel press, then the paint spread with the brayer.

I lift the stencil and then press our new Haystack cardstock into it.  A soft contrast and beautiful for Fall.  For my pops of color, I used our dark Pretty Pansy cardstock to stamp the pumpkins using clear pigment ink, then used the Whip Cream PanPastel to blend over it.  Next, I used the Citrus Cooler PanPastel to apply to parts of the pumpkin.  And last, I used the Journey Colorless Blender PanPastel to blend that all created almost the same Oatmeal Cookie color.

Then covered the pumpkins with Journey Glaze.  To dress up the rest of the tray, I love doilies, so used our doily die to cut out a lighter shade of our purple cardstock.  Like that hay?!  That is our Spring Crepes.  I just cut a piece, used our Fringe Shears, rolled it and adhered it.

For the Winter tray, I went with a more bold contrast in background then softer colors to decorate.  Opposite of the Fall tray.

After painting the tray with Whip Cream acrylic paint, I used Whip Cream paint again with the same stencil with Black Licorice cardstock.  See that little bit of paint that oozed out from the stencil in photo above at the bottom under the is going to happen sometimes.  Those slates take a little more pressure from the brayer to get the paint in there, but too much paint will sneak out.

I used lots of new goodies from both the Journey Holidays Mini Catalog and the 2018-2019 Inspiration Book & Catalog to dress this up.  The soft color of the Fresh Sage cardstock with the Rustic Rose rose is just gorgeous...and those stickers and gems!!!

So for this pumpkin, I used another stamp from the set, and embossed with our new Rose Gold embossing powder onto our new Tin Pail cardstock.  OMG, so beautiful!!!

So same pumpkin stamp and die set and stencil for two different looks.  I also used the Snapshot Frames die set on both of these.

So now I have two pretty trays to display in my scrapbook room.  Now I just need to order another set of trays in time to do another tray for Halloween...if I get it made in time, will share!  These would be great personalized with photos for a shadow box look...GORG!  Great for beach and vacation memories.  Take advantage of the promotion and stock up and PLAY!!!

Supplies Used:
Martha's Pumpkins Stamp Set / SS-0587
Martha's Pumpkins Die Set / DI-0451
Snapshot Frames Die Set / DI-0045
Doily Die Set / DI-0105
Branch & Cone Die Set / DI-0470
Spring Crepes / ST-0128
Journey Gel Press / JM-0107
Buffalo Check Stencil / JM-0119
Clear Pigment Ink Pad / IP-0102
Journey Rose Gold Embossing Powder / IP-0147
Haystack Cardstock / CS-0146
Fresh Sage Cardstock / CS-0143
Black Licorice Cardstock / CS-0003
Tin Pail Cardstock / CS-0147
Pretty Pansy Cardstock / CS-0029
Lavender Fusion Cardstock / CS-0017
Rich Coral Cardstock / CS-0093
Lemon Drop Cardstock / CS-0018
Sweet Berry Cardstock / CS-0034
Oatmeal Cookie Acrylic Paint / JM-0022
Whip Cream Acrylic Paint / JM-0106
Party Pop PanPastels / JM-0081
Journey Colorless Blender / JM-0095
Pumpkin Patch Bows / AC-0332
Fashion Gold / AC-0292
Summer Fun Chips / AC-0214
Frosted Friends / AC-0368
Frosted Forest / AC-0367 (Host Exclusive)
Cottage Flower / AC-0405
Foiled Frames / AC-0323
Journey Sofft Tools / JM-0098
Journey Glaze 2 oz / AD-0003
Brayer / TO-0087
Fringe Shears / TO-0081

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Monday, August 06, 2018

Freedom Cards | Bookmark | FSJ

I have some bright and happy projects for this very rainy Monday to share today.  I have been thinking about maybe making a little something to hand out to ladies in my small group tonight.  We are down to the last few weeks of spending 10 weeks together with a big retreat coming up next weekend.  So after finishing up some work projects to mail in, I got inspired to make these.

These cards are just the panel.  I made them thinking they could use them as a bookmark.  I wanted each one to be special for them.  The cross from Fun Stampers Journey's new Strength & Hope stamp set is so intricate and delicate looking.

Freedom is the name of the study we have been doing, so I used our Solid and Outline alpha stamps.  Love how it pops!  As it should with the theme, but at the same time these colors are feminine too.  I love the imperfection of stamping with these alpha stamps.  If I intentionally want the solid and outline off, I seem to get it perfect (LOL), but if I just start stamping, I do finally end up with that offset look a bit.  I wanted to point that out because I really think these stamps look amazing with that offset look.

For the panel itself, I used from the center going out:  Sour Lemon, Electric Lime, Turbo Teal, and Cosmic Grape.  I used our large dauber and a pad for each color.  Another imperfect note to share.  I usually really like to make sure I get a nice blend with no lines from the dauber, but as I started playing with the idea, I noticed I actually liked the look in this case because of how cool it looks with the petals.  If it were a solid blend, then no, but for this I really liked it.

I did not adhere the cross tag or branch to the card, only clipped it.

Really wanting these to be personal and special for each lady, I had to do a monogram for each of them using our steel rule Bold Alpha die.  The Lead Me stamp set has always been an awesome set with not just the sentiments but the branches and flowers, and now even better since we have matching dies!

I stamped the sentiment onto Sour Lemon Cardstock and the leaves onto Cosmic Grape Cardstock, both using Turbo Teal.  I put each card in our new Card Cellos, makes for a pretty gift to hand out and can also be used by them to seal it and use as a bookmark.

I'm excited to hand these out to them tonight!

I usually link the products as I type up my post, but decided to do a supply list this time as I think it might help Coaches and their customers best.  Hope so!  You can shop here!

Thank you as always for stopping by!  Hope these have brightened your day as well and given you some ideas using these bold colors!

Supplies Used:
Lead Me Stamp Set SS-0207
Solid-bet Stamp Set SS-0489
Outline-bet Stamp Set SS-0488
Outline Bet Die Set DI-0350
Lead Me Die Set DI-0463
Summer Branch Die DI-0162
Alpha Bold Steel Rule Die SR-0029
Flower Power Stencil JM-0120
Sour Lemon True Color Fusion Ink Pad IP-0054
Electric Lime True Color Fusion Ink Pad IP-0112
Turbo Teal True Color Fusion Ink Pad IP-0116
Cosmic Grape True Color Fusion Ink Pad IP-0111
Whip Cream Cardstock CS-0040
Cosmic Grape Cardstock CS-0122
Turbo Teal Cardstock CS-0127
Sour Lemon Cardstock CS-0126
Electric Lime Cardstock CS-0123
Card Cellos ST-0136
Girls Life Tape AC-0356
Fashion Gold AC-0292
Outline Clips AC-0198
Sweet Blooms AC-0329
Special Day Organza Ribbon AC-0316
Journey Corner Rounder TO-0150

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Friday, July 20, 2018

Coffee Loving Cardmakers Blog Hop | FSJ | Just For You

Welcome to the Coffee Loving Cardmakers Blog Hop!  I'm excited for three reasons.  First, the Coffee Loving Cardmakers are hosting an FSJ sponsored blog hop; second, because I LOVE coffee; and third, there is a chance to win!

For my project, I pulled some of the new products from the FSJs new Inspiration Book & Catalog for 2018-2019.  The new Grid Paper background stamp inspired this clean, graphic, card.

This card was also a fun excuse to get to play with the new Coffee First Die Set that was introduced in the Spring into Summer mini catalog.  Very excited this die set will be staying for the year!  This is a set of 8 dies and you can create two versions of a to-go coffee cup.  And don't forget tea!!  There's even a die for a tea bag!  I went with an iced to-go coffee, die cutting my cup and lid from vellum.  For the 'coffee,' I die cut another cup, and then just trimmed the top at an angle to make it look more like coffee.


I used our new Circle Around die set with our new Pop of Color tape with cardstock to die cut a small circle to add to my coffee cup sleeve.  The new Tin Pail cardstock was perfect here as a card panel to add just a bit more color and texture using our Journey Rectangle Long die set to pierce just one side.  To finish the card, I added some small splatters with Dark Roast Silk, Sea Stones, and for the sentiment, I used a new stamp from our My Sentiments category called Remarkable You

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