Friday, November 24, 2017

Gel Press Print Swap | FSJ Concept Designers

I hope all my U.S. friends had a Happy Thanksgiving, and maybe now you are enjoying some sales or still hanging out with friends.

The Fun Stampers Journey Concept Designers had some fun doing a Gel Press print swap this week!  We divided the six designers into pairs, then three of the designers created an 8.5x11print, cut that in half and sent that half to their partner.  I made a print and shared with the talented Laura Williams.  This is what I created with my half.

I usually use paint for all my layers, but this time, most of my layers are made with the re-inkers, except for the final layer of partial stamping with black licorice paint.  I also usually use the entire print as my card panel, but I wanted to show another way to really make what can be messy, look clean and neat on a project.  I used the Square Film Die to cut the piece of my print.  I did trim a panel at first from the print, but then I saw the little pieces cut from it and loved how it shows a completely different part of the print...see the small 1/4" strip running vertically  under my can really see more color here at the top, so made sure it peaked through there.

I also saved the Wedding Sprig die cut piece from my creating my layers and used part of it here.  The layers of my print starts with Bubble Gum.   It is very subtle and peaks through, which I love that affect with layers like this.  I also added some of the Journey Gold re-inker as a layer using the Fluttering Hearts Impression.  This impression is an awesome way to add another layer and even though you may not see the hearts in this smaller piece, it is still not just a solid layer of color showing, just a unique look.

I went a little crazy with my layering.  I used three different die cut shapes with different layers.  There was one point I didn't like the way a layer came out, but that is the beauty of using the press, is just add another layer, and then it took a turn in the pop of color and layers I wanted.  The hardest part is deciding which parts you want to show in your project.  This is the entire 8.5x11 before I cut it.

Here's a sneak of Laura's creation with the same print, but head over to her blog to see her full project!

Then, hop around to the rest of the teams, and see the prints they created, plus how they each used those prints! 

Shannon and Tania

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Hope this gives you the inspiration to pull out the press and start playing!

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Christmas Photo Card | Die Cut and Decorated Envelope

Happy Hump Day, everyone!  If you are a Fun Stampers Journey Coach and on Facebook, I shared this idea live this morning.  I had one other project I wanted to share, but had to get it in the mail so didn't have it for the video, took photos so I could share on my blog.

Fun Stampers Journey currently is having a Pocket and Locket Promotion.  At FSJ, we have jewelry, YES!  And lots of dies to help make that gift even more special.  Today, I'm sharing one of the dies called simply Envelope Set.  It has 6 dies and you will need the large Platinum machine to die cut the envelope die.

This is the card I did to coordinate with my envelope.  After making my card, I used the same printed paper and ran the envelope die twice.  Once for my Whip Cream envelope and the second (TIP:  You can just run it through the machine for the part you need, the flap).  I trimmed my flap from the Printed Paper and adhered it to the inside flap.  For the inside of the envelope, I used the die that comes with the set, just slipped it in and adhered it.

I used the piercing die from the set to dress up my flap and then added stamping that coordinates with the message of my card.  FYI, I did mail this card, so most everything was flat enough except for the twine and added sequins.  The card and envelope weighed an ounce, so I put two stamps to cover the cost.

I always do photo cards for Christmas, but I do love to get I decided to make the personal touch of the photo card even more special with a decorated envelope.  I have two designs I came up with, and love both!

The Whip Cream envelope, I die cut the holly leaves, and sponged on Kiwi Slice, then used one of the center flower stamps from Spring Bouquet for the berries.  Since these envelopes will be mass-produced, I am keeping the design simple.  Add your washi tape to the front at the bottom and then just attach the address typed on a label or handwritten.

Then I tried the envelope in Rock Candy and stamped using the Pattern Love stamp set.  I love this set in general, but especially for the holidays.  Any geometric shapes are so pretty for holidays, but the triangles have a Christmas tree look as well.  I used the Silver pigment ink for the larger triangles and love the transparent look it gives!  Don't forget to add your beautiful silver washi!

For the holly leaves I inked on, I like to do that with the envelope open before assembling because I want a little to go over to the other side...I think it adds a nice touch to your handmade envelope.  Another nice touch is to add a sentiment to go with the theme of your photo card to the flap before sealing it with more pretty washi tape.

Okay, my mind starts to really get going once I get started, and just simply die cutting printed paper with the envelope die is so fun and colorful!!  I did not take a photo, but shared on the live video, using a large or small letter from the steel rule dies that we have to monogram them if you are not mailing!  So stunning and elegant.

I LOVE those Project Me girls on the inside peeking out!

If you love to make envelope mini albums, this would so cute as well!

Love having these die cut to see how they look, really inspires me seeing all the patterns and then jumpstarts the cards that will go with them.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  And be sure to get some gift-giving dies and jewelry while the Pocket and Locket promotion is going on for November.  Happy creating and shopping!

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

November Planner with Gel Press and Card

It feels like October just started and we are already heading into November next week!  That means it's time to decorate my November monthly view in my personal Fun Stampers Journey Citrus Cooler planner!

I will admit first that this was more of a creative therapy than planning, but for my monthly view, I still incorporate the planning and the 'view' of what the month looks like.  I like to save more of the details for my weekly view inserts.

If you did not see my previous post using the gel press with the planner, you can see that here.  I absolutely loved the effect I got, and wanted to do it again, but I took it a step or two or three (LOL) further!

First I did a light squirt of River Stone paint onto the gel press, and spread that out with the brayer, making sure to move it in different directions.  The first layer look I wanted was kind of like a dry paint brush being swept across the pages.  Another way to get this look is to not press your entire page into the gel press.  I only pressed sections of my pages at a time.  Once each page was done, I then laid the Nature Collage stencil on the gel press, squirted Green olive, Lemon Drop, and Citrus Cooler, then using the brayer, pressed really good to get that paint into the grooves of the stencil.  Lifted the stencil, then pressed the Fluttering Hearts Gel Impressions plate into it (I left the clear back on to help lift it), then pressed the Fluttering Hearts onto my pages, but again, not the entire page, just sections until I was happy with the look.

I love the look of seeing the hearts and the patterns, this gives a really nice layer of texture and without any sharp lines.

Next, using the leftover paint on my brayer, I blended that onto the gel press and pressed the Harvest Wreath into the paint (you'll see that piece later).  The idea is to use up the leftover paint and make some other impressions to use.  I used a leftover pressed piece of Whip Cream cardstock and embossed in black "gather" above to decorate the Journey Days Love Tab.  Before I finished with the paint, I used the small stylus from the Bloom Tool, dipped it in Black Licorice paint and added some dots.

I loved all of the layers from the paint, so I kept that going with other elements.  I trimmed this Journey Days Create a Tab piece in River Stone to fit just at the top.  Using washi on the Cool Pool cardstock, I die cut the leaf from the new Timeless Foliage steel rule die, and clipped in place.

And for the turkey, I colored him with the Color Splash watercolor pencils.

I really like to have something on the front and back of the tabs, or at least that can be seen from either side.  Even though the Dashing Deer is intended for Christmas, I also think deer fit perfectly for November themed spreads.

I kept my colors to Fall, but I wanted softer and more feminine colors, so I brought in the Bubble Gum using cardstock and ink.  My Fall leaves from the Harvest Wreath stamp set are stamped with Green Olive, Citrus Cooler, and Sweet Berry.  They complement my colors.

I brought in some of the Clips die cuts in Bubble Gum and added some stamping to my pages with the Family Forever stamp set.  This is a gorgeous set and it is perfect for the Holidays.  If I did not use the gel press, I would have used the tree stamp.  Just a gorgeous set!   I looked for stamps that would fit inside the clips and still go with the theme of Thanksgiving.

Another way I brought in the washi tape was by lining a piece of cardstock with the sparkle Cool Pool tape, and then using the Love Is Punch.  For more of the planning part of my month, it serves to mark my Mother's birthday (to wish her a happy birthday in heaven), and I used them to mark piano days for my daughter.  It serves a purpose and adds to the heart theme I started with the impression plate and adds color and texture.  I used the banner stamp from Planner Elements stamp set to identify ballet days.  And you'll see I added some of the Planner Sketch stamps to some of my entries to give them focus.

I left everything else open to add more entries or add photos.

So here is where I used the print I got from stamping the wreath while I still had all that beautiful paint.  Instead of 'inking' my stamp and stamping with it, I pressed my cardstock into the gel press with the paint and impression of the stamp.  I got a variety of colors and can even see some of the collage come through.

I also used the leftover piece from die cutting the love tab for my planner.  Before I cleaned off my gel press, I wanted to add just a tiny bit of color to my white card panel.  After blending the same colors I used above, I then moved to a clean section of the gel press and lifted and tapped the brayer in different areas to get a random look.    Just like for my planner, I used the small stylus from the Bloom Tool, dipped it in Black Licorice paint and added some dots.

I think this is one of my new favorite planner spreads.  Gets me ready for the holidays, gets me creating, and ready to enjoy!

Grab all things planner, even the washi tape on sale while you can.  Click here and find a coach to start adding to your cart.  Enjoy and happy creating!!

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Planner with Gel Press, Stamps, Dies, Printed Paper, and Washi Tape

We are getting some cooler weather and I love it!  My daughter on the other hand, doesn't.  LOL  The Make Your Mark Planner promotion at Fun Stampers Journey is still going on for the month of October.  The planners to me are not just an excellent way to jot down to-do lists, but a great way to use your supplies and most importantly exercise your CREATIVITY!

For my September monthly view I used the gel press!!  LOVE the way this came out so much.  I was inspired by the Starbucks leaf card for the colors and the messy layers of colors.  I used very little paint, didn't need a lot, super quick and easy to turn that blank page into something beautiful and get you started.

I didn't stop with just the pages, I also used the same paint colors on the gel press and pressed a piece of vellum into it!  Works awesome!  It will curl a little and with using the gel press and having a light layer of paint, it dries so quickly.  I then stamped and embossed leaves in gold!  Swoon!  For my little divider or maker for my month, I used one of the border dies and the mirror gold paper, lined up one of the insert pages to punch my holes.

I added some stamping to show the days of the week for routine events, to highlight events or activities, used washi tape to bring in more texture and color and then added some photos as well.  The planners to me are a great way to journal and add photos and really document the days and months.  It is so awesome to look back on!!

And here is a weekly view decorated.  The printed paper I used on this spread (see below in photo) inspired the colors and I knew would work perfectly for my husband's birthday.  I used the Tab Clips die to attach with a spot to layer more stamping and adds color.  Since this was about my husband, I used the large "D" from the steel rule die in white, and added streaks of color from applying the ink pads directly to it.

Use washi strips not just to anchor or hold things in place, but in horizontal and vertical directions, it really makes your weekly spread more interesting to look at.

I used the smallest one of the Create a Tab dies to add more lists and add a photo of celebrating my hubby's birthday, so I die cut it in Whip Cream.  One of my favorite dies.  Beautiful in printed paper as well!

And here is another example from a weekly view where I did more journaling and also included a photo.  It is priceless to look back on these details.

The weekly page above and the August monthly view pages below both use leftovers of die cuts and stamped images.  It is a perfect way to have fun decorating your planner!

I used the new photo inserts here instead of adhering photos to the pages.  This inspired me so much to do a planner just dedicated to memory keeping!  But I will finish my Traveler Notebook for the year since that is what I started and maybe do this idea for the entire year next year.

Life is busier now and I find I do not take as many photos as I used to so this is such a fun and perfect way to show off those favorites moments or events.

If you are still on the fence about planners, I hope this gives you some ideas and a look into what you can do with them.  This would be great to document a baby's first year, or just dedicated to your grandkids or your fur babies too!   We are all so creative, you just have to exercise it, and planners give you that outlet and are so fun and addicting!

Happy Creating and happy shopping!!  Get all things planner related while on sale!

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Planner as a Card Organizer | Card | Steel Rule Die

I am very inspired by product and like to find different ways to get more use than the intended purpose.  I have a few ideas besides using the Fun Stampers Journey A5 planners and the A5 Page Creator Steel Rule die just for planners.  I created a card organizer!  This would be great too for bills, recipes, or as a memory planner!

I am starting with just three categories of cards:  All Occasion, Birthday, and Holiday.  I used the A5 Page Creator die to create a divider and a place to label each category.  Instead of using the full die cut page, I trimmed it down.  The die also creates these three different shaped tabs.  Using my typewriter (or you could use your computer and print or even handwrite), I labeled each one.  Then using a white liner sheet and clear view, I adhered one side of the white liner to the clear view sheet I trimmed down to just die cut the tabs, then peeled the other backing off the white liner and secured over the printed paper tabs.  Stapled those in place.  Adding the clear view over it gives the printed paper tab more stability.

Your fun planner accessories are still a perfect touch to your card organizer.  Don't forget to make a pretty label for your organizer as well.

I made four different pockets.  This first one is the full die cut with about a half of an inch trimmed from bottom, then folded and lined up with the holes.  Apply white liner strips along the edges to seal, leaving your pocket open at the top.

This next pocket using a full die cut sheet again with a second page die cut to trim in half to line up to the holes and adhere again on all sides leaving the pocket at the top open.

I got two pockets out of this one by using that other half from the second sheet to line up and adhere to the back as well.

The next pocket, I die cut two pages from the same printed paper.  On one, I lined up the corners in my trimmer and trimmed leaving me with this angled pocket.  I adhered the same way as the others.

All of my dividers match the same printed paper I used for the pockets.  Gives the organizer lots of layers.

This last pocket, I die cut two pages, trimmed one and adhered creating a vertical pocket the length of the die cut page.

You could really jazz up these pages with other printed paper or even cardstock and decorate with stamping.  I added just a little bit of washi here and there because I actually love the way my cards dress up the pockets!

After die cutting all those pages and tabs, you end up with more tabs leftover to use for another project.  I decided to use those leftover tags and create a card!

Using Pineapple Smoothie cardstock as my panel, I adhered the same shaped tab in a diagonal pattern.  As I adhered, I also turned them around, alternating their design.  Some like the rectangle, doesn't apply ;) But for the tab shape and the half circle, I did.  Then I used the half circle shape to create a butterfly in the center!  I stamped the center piece onto the tag and let the top (wing) stay open.  For the die cut branch, I used a piece I had played with earlier using the gel press and liquid colors.  Those rich colors give these soft colors a nice soothing pop!

So fun!  So many ways to use product!  Hope this inspires you to see these products in new ways.  And especially if you are not a planner person, this is a really fun alternative to using that gorgeous planner!  Be sure to shop for all planner supplies this October while 25% off!  Shop here.

Here is a list of the main supplies I used:

A5 Page Creator Steel Rule Die SR-0037
Journey Rectangles Die Set DI-0041
Blooming Petals Die Set DI-0327
Tag Set Steel Rule Die SR-0014
I Heart Days Planner JD-0041
Designers Choice Prints PP-0046

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