Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I Love You More | RG

Valentine's is approaching this weekend, but I think "I Love You" and especially "I Love You More" is something we should say year round.

I have a very clean and simple layout to share using the Richard Garay Noteworthy collection that will be coming out very soon...hoping to be available from his website and through stores on March 1st!

Even though this layout is very simple, it has a lot of little mixed media techniques.  I think this is a great way to show how you can still create clean and simple projects while playing and getting a little messy.

You can see how the layout came together from the process video here.

The colors and style of the layout, especially with the hot pink across half of the die cut speech bubbles, gives the layout a modern, retro look that I love.

To add to the texture of the striped base background and stamping, I added a straight stitch in white thread all the way around the layout, some messy painty lines near the photo, and a puffy sticker and washi tape to coordinate with the color scheme and bring some balance and grounding to the layout.

Thank you so much for stopping by!  Hope you are having a wonderful week.  It was Mardi Gras for us this week as well as Chinese New Year, so lots to celebrate!

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Friday, February 05, 2016

Gossamer Blue | February Layout

I really love trying different things.  And I think that is why my layouts don't always look exactly the same.  For this layout I really wanted to completely step out of my routine entirely.

My idea was to go with a clipboard look inspired by the clip and the vintage feel of items from the kit.  Then with a little Pinterest inspiration, I started my layout.  I have the details of the inspiration and the step by step how the layout came together on the Gossamer Blue blog here.

I love large layers.  I think they add some breathing room to a layout.  And I also love the Life Pages cards from the Gossamer Blue February kits.  I have always wanted to use them on a layout, and using large layers with them really worked out for the overall design of this layout.  The exclusive stamps were also a big part in what I wanted to use on this layout.  Having this open, grid design, makes it easy to use them.

I had a few things inspiring this layout, but the one from Pinterest, inspired me to thread this button with the twine, and then clip it with one of the clips from the kit.

I don't know that this layout has a specific title other than it was a beautiful day out on the lakefront.  The stamp and the Life Page card sentiments really convey my feelings from this day.  One of my favorite places to go.   Emma still fitting in the baby swing...LOL  And us walking along the lakefront and enjoying the view from the big gazebo.

Stop by the Gossamer Blue blog to see how the layout came together.  Hope it inspires you to try something different the next time you create and break out of your routine.

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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Gossamer Blue | February Kit Reveal

The February Gossamer Blue kits were revealed on the first.  I hope you got the kits that you wanted! These kits were filled with Basic Grey and Heidi Swapp and I LOVED it all!    And I was especially happy to see the exclusive stamps back.

I wanted to play with the stamps, and this is what I came up with.  For this first card, I just repeated the label stamp diagonally, used a kraft knife to cut some of the openings out, then backed with the 6x6 Basic Grey pattern paper pad in the Bits and Pieces kit.

This kit has an office-y feel to it as well.  With he labels, I thought the telephone flair went perfectly.

This branch stamp is so teeny tiny, but I think it my most favorite because of the ways it can just add a nice detail to anything.  Here I repeated the stamp to form snowflakes.  I used watercolor paper to stamp them on, then sprayed water over my paper, and started adding some blue watercolor with a wet paint brush.

I was also so inspired by the ampersand warm + cozy stamp, so the 'faux' snowflakes from the branches with the blue background were a perfect complement.  I didn't want anything bulky to finish the sentiment, so I used my typewriter to add a sentiment to the Heidi Swapp label.  Oh, it was a happy accident, but I trimmed the silver and white diagonal stripes sticker from the bottom of another Heidi Swapp label to adhere to my cardstock sentiment to make it look like it is one piece.  I couldn't get my sentiment to stamp just right on the label as is, but this came out better with a cleaner, neater stamped image.  I used a 6x6 piece of the Basic Grey pattern paper for the background.  So love that pattern!

Once my card was dry, I went over the snowflakes with Journey Glaze.

Next, I want to share my December 2015 spread, which completes my fourth Project Life album!  I did use the December card and the Cheers card from previous kits since it worked perfectly, but everything is from the February kits.

My spreads are fairly simple, with some little stamping, and embellishments here and there.

See that little branch stamp in the third row?  Where it says Christmas Eve?  I really love that little stamp.  I added some of the small enamel dots to make it look like berries.

I have two layouts that I did as well, and will be sharing very soon!  Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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Monday, February 01, 2016

Heidi Swapp Memory Planner | January 2016

I went back and forth so many times on how I wanted to do my Project Life for 2016.  With doing 2015 monthly, I knew I had more wiggle room since my 12x12 album is so flat, and that I could possibly go smaller.  I got the 8.5x11 album and protectors for this year's PL, but I was still unsure.  I had used the Heidi Swapp Memory Planner from last year, but because I did do PL as well, it wasn't flowing for me.  But after seeing Maggie Massey's planner on IG, and she said she mostly uses the Memory Planner and does big or special events for PL, I knew I wanted to do a complete change this year and go for it.  And then to find that everyone is sold out of the planners.  I found some on Ebay but the shipping was way too high.  Simon Says had them but their price was higher than anywhere else.  But I was ready to start.  I used a $5 coupon, ordered it and got it last week!  I got started right away!

Decorated the first transparent page with leftover numbers from Gossamer Blue kits.  Since this is my primary documenting of the day to day instead of doing my usual Project Life, I wanted to carry that same feel and set it up for the new year.

You can still use your Project Life or pocket cards from kits.  I adhered and clipped the "hello 2016" to the January tab.  The planner comes with one page protector for each month in different sizes.  I used the one as is in the planner to hold cards and small photos that sum up the month.  One pocket, I filled with a small circle tab.

For the next page, that is similar to a 'dashboard' for most planners, I worked stickers around the blocked areas with my large photo as the focus, and added my journaling around the photo.

Because I will use my Fun Stampers Journey/Webster's Pages personal planner to keep me on track, I may not use the month at a glance a whole lot in this planner.  So it is pretty light.  A great tip I saw from Maggie is that she adheres these two pages together.  She does not use these either.

I love this change from last year's memory planner...the 'my week' pages now have the days of the week marked and are within a week.  Little things make me happy, and I really really love that change.  Jan 1st didn't start until Friday, so that left room on the left for me to fill with a card to document my OLW (one little word), add some pattern paper, and journaling.  Then on the opposite page, I could document with photos and journaling the everyday events that took place.

This week is leading up to leaving for CHA, so not an ordinary spread.  Inspired again by Maggie Massie, and using what I have without buying anything more, I used old tags to adhere ephemera to insert into my planner.  I did not buy the punch.  I need to be better at buying things, and using what I have.  So I just made a template from a thick piece of cardstock to punch my own holes.

All those tags that I said I would use that have sat for at least two years, are finally getting used.

I cut the top of the Starbucks "you are here" box top off since it was from Disneyland.   

For the collage of photos, I used an October Afternoon pocket, trimmed it down to fit, and used the fuse tool to fuse my entire printed collage of photos into the pocket.  I use Lightroom to size my photos.  I will have to get sizes and post those for the next post.

Before fusing in that pocket, I made a small scrap page.  This is a duplicate of a photo in the front, but it is a big deal, so deserved to be documented more, and it happened while I was out of town, so a perfect spot for it.

I'm am putting to use my stash that just sits.  I tend to move on from previous kits to the next, or previous collections to the next, so this is a great way to use what I have.  It was a dream (I know a little silly for some) to work at CHA.  I've attended twice as a spectator, but I loved being a part of the show with Richard Garay and his team.  Amazing experience that I won't forget.  

Now for the next week, on Tuesday I headed home, and then the rest of the week was normal day to day.  I think this right here is one reason I love this planner so much.  I could fit more details with photos (printed at different sizes) and with journaling.  With my Project Life, I always typed, but with this method, I'm finding I am using my own handwriting.  I am getting a lot more details of just ordinary things documented that I would not do with PL.

And from that week on, the spreads are more of a realistic, day to day documentation.  Another difference from my transitional PL I am noticing, is I'm adding more photos, and not just saving the better photos for my PL spreads.  I do think my family might be a little disappointed that I am not doing PL, but I think they will love seeing more of the details.  But that doesn't mean that I won't do any PL spreads.  I just want the day to day documented like this.

I just want to say that my life is not so packed that there is constantly something going on.  It is just the three of us, well four, with our cat.  So our days are pretty typical.  I did document a lot more for my first PL back in 2012, but I continued to simplify it.  With this format with the Memory Planner, I feel that I have that same excitement of documenting the everyday.  So all those ordinary photos I take, I feel, are getting used more than I would have in PL.

I used one of the large 4x6 Gossamer Blue cards as an insert.  I loved that photo of my cat.  He will be 21 in March.  He has some issues...not pleasant.  But he is still my boy.  I wanted photos from the parade this past weekend a little bigger, so I cut down an October Afternoon pocket page, and fused it in the middle to put it back together, then used my template to punch holes.  I will have to do a little more step by step of those little things, as well as photo sizes.  

I love rediscovering leftovers from Gossamer Blue kits and my stash.  I can find that perfect sentiment or sticker.  The cards as well.  Really love the trimmed down pocket cards on the reverse side of those photos.

And that is my January.   I am so happy with how it came out.  I feel like I am getting in the flow with this new system.  

I'm using my favorite pens, Micron 01 or 005 to journal.  005 is my favorite, but I have used it so much, it is hardly a point there.  I need a new one! 

Here are some more thoughts about this way of documenting.  I think if you are new to scrapbooking and don't have a way to resize your photos, this might be overwhelming, unless you could print your photos all the same size, and then crop as needed, which would work out great.

I still think Project Life is an easier choice for getting started with less steps.  Just slip in photos, add journaling and cards, and done.

I love the Memory Planner because I want do do more with how I document.  I don't mind getting creative with pockets and adjusting them with the fuse tool or printing in different sizes.  

If I find that the album starts to get too thick, I can use the extra binders that Heidi sells to hold them. For the most part, I try to not use too many bulky embellishments.  But I may have to adjust that to not using any.  Will see as I go through the year.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Now to clean off my desk!

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bible Journaling | RG

There are quite a few improvements to myself that I would like to make this year.  One is to spend time in God's Word, with Him, and being creative doing it.  Bible Journaling has exploded.  I am blown away by so many doing this.  It doesn't matter what style you have, no right or wrong way, clean and simple or messy and all over the place.  It just matters that you are growing in Him.

My daughter asked me the other day, why are you doing this?  Don't you want to be able to 'read' the Bible?  Smart girl.  Thankfully, we live in a culture and the Bible belt where Bibles are plentiful.  I have several in many different versions.  Those are for reading.  I'm not a new believer...I've been a follower of Christ for 38 years!  Between my husband and I, we have quite a collection as well as concordances.  This Bible I use is just for journaling.  We both have special ones from our parents.   When my Mom died suddenly, I flipped through her Bible to see what verses she highlighted that were her favorites.  She had them ALL highlighted.  LOL  How amazing would it be for my daughter to look back on this Bible and not only see my handwriting and messy work, but personal notes and how God spoke to me through those verses.

I hadn't thought of it until the other day, that the new Richard Garay Make Amazing Happen collection would be perfect for journaling.  And I've been so inspired by the Make Amazing team, especially Isha and her mad crazy watercoloring skills, that I had to do some playing.

I start with a thin coat of clear gesso over my pages, regardless if I will use watercolors or paint.  The pages are so thin, this just helps to give the page some strength.

It dries fast, but I always put the heat gun on it to dry a little faster.  It will feel rough when dry.

I want to create a watercolor-y look, so I use distress ink and begin stamping some blooms.  I do have a plastic sheet under for stability to help.

I find that using a brush and cup of water better than using a water pen to start adding watercolors to my images.  I'm using a good amount of water, and the page will be pretty wet, but the plastic underneath helps it from not going onto the other page.  I just move or tap the brush to add more color or water depending on the look I want.

Before I go on, I use the heat gun to dry the wet areas where I worked, (just move the plastic sheet under the page before using heat gun so you don't melt it) then add more stamping.  Next, I add some leaves.

With a smaller brush, I color in some of the spaces of the leaves.

I like this vintage look to this page, so I add some dots of watercolor here and there.  But I go back and add water to each one to make it not look so perfect.

I wanted to bring in another color, and this olive green gelato was perfect.  I colored it along the edges, and then added a little scribble in between flowers.  Then I went back with the water and brush to blend.

Our church is doing a series called 'Restart.'  I have the journal that goes through each day with a verse and message.  I am creating entries for each day to help learn and apply the verses.  I use a black pen to scribble a bracket around the verse, and then jot down some of the ways I can apply this verse to my life.  To add a little modern look to my vintage entry, I used a larger brush dipped in the black watercolor to draw quick horizontal lines.

I went over my journaling a little more in a 'sketchy' look to make it stand out a little more.  I punch a tab for the day of the Restart series, and staple it to the top.

The last thing I added to this page were some black watercolor splatters, and messy black pen doodling around the border of the page.

That entry came out so soft and famine, that I wanted to go onto my next day in the series and use the same stamps but in a very bright, colorful way.  Here, instead of using distress ink, I used Fun Stampers Journey ink which is a dye and a pigment ink.  Amazing and my most favorite inks.  I used the clear gesso again, so my ink will stamp as if I were stamping on a glossy surface, but they dry quickly, and you can use the heat gun to dry even faster.

Much brighter than the previous entry.  After stamping the flowers, I added paint with an old credit card, then went over with a polka dot brayer and yellow paint for another layer.  Next, I stamped my leaves, and added my journaling (which I made a mistake and need to fix LOL).  The last thing I added were those quick horizontal black watercolor strokes.  If you look closely, I actually stamped 'Be Amazing' with grey ink first, thinking I wanted a softer look, but loved the black better.  It gives it a shadow look.  I think 'Be Amazing' is appropriate for this entry about the verse where we are 'fearfully and wonderfully made.'

Hope this inspires you in your own personal faith and how you want to celebrate it, document it, and use the talents you've been given.  I think the Make Amazing Happen collection is perfect for documenting this walk, celebrating your faith and empowering us all to live up to all the blessings intended for us.  Thank you so much for stopping by and letting me share my first Bible entry here on my blog.

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