Thursday, July 28, 2016

Stamped and Stitched Canvas Bags | RG

So I finally got a chance to use these cute little canvas bags I had picked up at either Target or Michael's a long time ago.  I really try not to buy too many things like this because I don't want the clutter, but sometimes it is nice to have on hand too and gives you that lightbulb moment idea.  I really think I want to use this collection for the holidays.  Doesn't this plaided beard make you think of the holidays?

I think the Lumberjack Days collection was a perfect for these little bags.  You can see the other two and more details on the Richard Garay blog.  This one is my favorite though ;)

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Gossamer Blue August Kit Sneaks

Hope everyone's week is going well.  I loved opening the August kits from Gossamer Blue.  Then when I went to see what I wanted to create, I was stumped.  The kits have some camping, planting, and growing type themes to them, and I don't camp and I don't grow a garden.  So how was I to use?  I found tons of ways to use this kit and actually loved it and the projects!  I did three layouts and two memory planner spreads.

Spy a few exclusives?  So excited about them!  Reveal for everyone is the 1st...I believe sooner for subscribers!  And check over at Gossamer Blue now for more of the kits from the Lookbook available.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Waffle Flower + Xyron Inspiration Week

Welcome to the Waffle Flower and Xyron hop!  Starting today through the 29th, there will be lots of inspiration posted and lots of chances to win the Xyron Creative Station Lite!

I was able to work with the Creative Station Lite for my project.  I have been wanting a larger machine to send larger pieces through, but what is so great about this machine is you can also buy the refills to create magnets and laminate, which I cannot wait to try!

I thought of so many unique and fun ideas with this machine, but I thought instead to show just how simple it makes putting together lots of layers and die cuts for a card.  After all my stamping and die cutting were done, I just ran everything through at once!  You should not overlap as I did, I was just a little excited and goofed a bit, BUT it still worked fine!

To be honest with you, I will use this size machine even more than my original smaller one.  Actually both my daughter and I will.  After I ran this through, I thought this is a also a great way to prep for crops or for mass production of cards.  You don't have to send through your card panel like I did and save a little space for the more intricate and harder to adhere die cuts, but this gives you an idea of how you can have all your pieces ready to adhere.

Stop over at the Waffle Flower blog here to see the whole card, lots more inspiration today and the rest of the week, and enter for chances to win!


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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Green Monochromatic Card | RG

I love to work with color and decided to do a monochromatic card using Richard Garay's Make Amazing Happen collection.  I will also created this card with no sentiment.  I like to have them on hand to give them for any occasion or even add a sentiment later that is appropriate.

Stop by Richard's blog here to see how this card came together.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Remembering My Archie Boy | Gossamer Blue

This was the first layout I did using the Gossamer Blue July kits after losing my boy, Archie.  It was so hard to do, but the kits helped.  I picked favorites from the kits.  Couldn't hardly see as I did typing from crying.  One of the last pictures of Archie.  And I am so thankful to have them.  I took extra photos that I probably would not have because I was doing the Ali Edwards A Week in a Life.

Yes, 21 years old he was!  This is him when he was little with our female cat, Daisy.  We lost her when she was 15, six years ago.  Back then the Internet really wasn't something everyone did, and we did not have the information to know how to introduce them.  BUT, I think they really played more, well aggravated either other too...they just tolerated each other.  :)  We got Daisy first and then Archie.   He was so little, they both were here!

Archie really only had eyes for me.  He was really more my cat.  If he saw me, he would run to me, or be by me all the time.  He loved to be held like a baby.  He would stay like that as I walked around the house.  I think he really got spoiled by being on my lap, both him and Daisy, when I hurt my foot and had to get off of it...yay, lap time for them!

He could still turn on me every now and then.  I think mostly because of his quirky ways.  Him and Daisy both were not good with other people...him more than Daisy.  It was so bad at the vet that the vet suggested that since they are indoors to not stress them with vet visits unless absolutely necessary.

Both of them were found wondering the streets and brought to a vets office.  We had them both when were in the apartment, then built our house, and then when we did the pool and screen, it was whole new world for them.  They loved enjoying being outside on the rock, trying to get lizards, squirrels, rabbits.

This was taken in May of this year.  I knew Archie wasn't himself for awhile.  I looked back on old Project Life, and saw notes from 2013 of something going on with him.  2014 is when things really started to happen, but just like before, and especially with a cat, they seemed to be just things I noticed.  Cats hide any kind of pain so well.  The vet knew and we knew how stressful a visit was for him, and with his age, I felt very protective of him.  I will still wonder if I did the right thing.  I will never get over that.  But he never had to go through what Daisy went through at his old age.  And I have to have peace about that.

I took this photo when he had his first fall over and couldn't get back up.  I knew it would be time soon, not just because of the fall, but he had been looking so bad...his eyes.  I could tell he wasn't feeling or doing well, but then again he would eat, drink, poop and pee.  I would see him and talk to him and tell him you don't look so good it time?  Always gave him a kiss and loved on him.  It wasn't until he had had another couple of bad falls back to back trying to use the step stool to get on the bed.  I caught him on his last fall and he howled...and my heart sank.  I screamed for Dennis to come.  I talked to the vet we had had during our difficult time with Daisy.  We could have done blood work just to know.  And I regret not knowing everything that was going on with him, but at the same time I knew he had multiple things going on, and more that I discovered after seeing the vet.  He wasn't himself at all.  My Archie boy was hanging on, and I was too.  I really didn't want to let him go, but I was feeling a strong feeling that I needed to be a responsible pet owner and honor him by letting him go.  We could have done what we could for him, but it would be just selfish to keep him, and they would have probably kept him for 48 hours for one issue and then continuous medical attention after that.

I carried him into the vets office.  That is how bad he was.  We never needed the kennel.  He never meowed, hissed, bit, clawed.  My heart was so broken.  He was ready, I was not.  I miss him everyday.  The bond that we had was so special and unique.  My sweet boy...

Emma and Dennis were there, but left the room while we had our last time together with him on my lap.  The vet helped distract Emma with the office's three-legged cat and it made Emma stop crying and smiling instead right away.

The house is empty, with a huge empty hole in my heart.  I still have my Archie moments as I call them.  Missing my boy.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

More Gossamer Blue July Kit Projects

With my computer crashing, I never got to share the rest of my Gossamer Blue projects using the July kits.  If you notice, there aren't as many add-ons this month.  It is because Lori is in the process of doing some changes to the kits, and the site.  I can't wait to see what more she has planned for Gossamer Blue.  So the kits I got were the two main kits.  One for Scrapbooking and one for Life Pages.  Then I got their two add-ons.

As always, I love the exclusives (and there were more this time) and all the bits in the kits, so decided to do something very girly with them for my daughter's page above.

Then you can see how well the kits work for your summer or vacation photos as well.  It was good therapy to scrapbook and the kits helped these pages as well as the one I did for my sweet boy cat, Archie, come together quickly.  I'll share his page here when I add more photos to do a blog post about him.

The stamps had lots of fun icons for summer...although not perfect, I repeated the VW and embossed in white, then used four different inks to blend over for a resist.  Then layered lots of the goodies in the center.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you have been able to some creative therapy this summer!

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Richard Garay Celebra'tions Summer Sale!

Popping in this afternoon to share a Summer Sale from Richard Garay.  The sale is for the Celebra'tions Bundles and runs now through August 14th.  This is a great way to try out some of the inks, stamps, dies and papers.  Click here to shop and get a free gift with your purchase!

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Lightroom Tutorial, Pocket Page, and Card | RG

Finally able to blog again!  Yay!  I had just gotten home with the remains of my cat, Archie boy, and went to turn my computer on to print yet another photo of him, and got nothing but a folder flashing with a question mark.  Got the hard drive replaced, and I picked up my laptop yesterday.  A few other things have happened since then, but still want to do a blog post dedicated to my Archie boy.   Before I can do that, I need to get a few scrapbook related projects posted.

Here's two posts and sneaks you can see on the Richard Garay blog.  The first one is a pocket page spread documenting my daughter's birthday last year.

I used the Celebrations collection for this spread, and well, I attempted to do a screen video of how I use Lightroom to print my photos, and you can see from the above, my computer was about to crash and not cooperating. No go there.  BUT, I did do a tutorial with screen shots, which I think is a great way to be able to quickly refer back to.  Here's a peak of the tutorial.  To see the entire birthday pocket page spread and tutorial, I would love if you would stop over Richard's blog here.

Now onto a card also using Richard's Celebration collection.  I had been wanting to use this canvas framed embossing folder.  This was one of the cards, where I wanted to use the folder, but I wasn't sure how I wanted to create a focal point.  It didn't come out as planned, but I was happy with how it came out.  You can see the entire card and process video here on Richard's blog.

Very happy to have my laptop back.  Thank you for visiting the blog posts, and hope the week is going well for you!  xo

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