Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blow Dryer Had a Blow Out

When funny noises start coming out of your blow dryer and the heating element turns red, it's time to put the old blow dryer to rest. Going shopping for that, dropping off a check to start my IRA, yeah! And stopping at Scrappily Ever After...screwed up a project and need to fix it, no big. Dennis is home today with no service calls yet. We're like two retired couples when he's home like that. Have a little more organization to do, as always. Maybe time to get rid of some of the stuff of Mom's that I took, will check with the siblings first. Loving the cooler weather and taking walks in the mornings before 10 a.m., don't want skin cancer again...stay out of the sun from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.! Got to be sensible, but also enjoy the beauty around you like my Uncle Ed does when he does his walks on the you!...think about you when I'm enjoying my walks too! Daisy and Archie love the weather too. Archie especially loves the squirrels early in the morning. Loving my Rachael Ray cookbooks...delish and yummo!!!!

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Observation after first week at home

When I would get up at 5:15-30 a.m. every morning (used to get up at 4:30 a.m. to exercise, but needed sleep more!) and see Dennis still sleeping as I walked out the door an hour or so later, I wondered how long he stayed there. Well, now the truth is out. He stays up late and sleeps until about 9 a.m.!!! He just gave me the excuse that his Nestle's Quick sugar free formula has switched from Nutrasweet to Splenda. He is claiming that he is depressed by this and cannot wake up in the morning! Riiiight!!!

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Goodbye Lunches

Goodbye lunch on Wedesday 10/11 - Dory, Lara. Vicki, Pamela, Me, Holly, Melissa, Deadre, and Cassandra.

Goodbye lunch on Wednesday 10/18 - Top row - Christy, Me, Connie; bottom row - Rick, Cindy, Karen, Audrey, Christine, Judy, Linda, Cassandra, Holly, Lynn, Jerry, Mikki, and Greg.

Thank you all for two wonderful lunches. I'm so glad we could see each other again. I will miss seeing you all everyday. I'm sure you won't miss my emails though! I hope you all take care of yourselves and your families and let work just be a job. Live your lives to the fullest! Love you all!

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Daisy & Archie

Daisy has found a new hiding spot!

We weren't the only ones inconvenienced by the floors being done. Archie wanted to find refuge away from the noise in Emma's crib.

Now that the doors are put back on, Emma's room is shut, but he did find another spot.

Daisy, on the other hand, likes to help out with everything. So we had to lock her up, she was a little pissed at us.

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The Bamboo Floors

The bamboo floors were almost done. Still had some other rooms being done, so furniture was moved all over so they could be completed. Everything was a mess. It's been fun seeing Daisy and Archie sliding across them!

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Emma's Room!

HELLO KITTY! We've gotten the walls painted, floors completely redone throughout the house, her furniture and bedding. Will do some other things as we get closer to the referral of Emma Dorothy!! More pictures of her room to come!

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Here's Emma's quilt in progress!! Will take more pictures of individual squares so everyone can try to find their square! Daisy is also helping to make the quilt, NOT!

Daisy is now content!

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