Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Games We Play

To make life a little more interesting, and thinking about the positive I want to hand down to Emma, I challenged Dennis to this little game. We each start out with $25 for the month, and to get that money at the end of the month, you have to not say anything bad about your body or make a gesture (pinching fat)of disliking your body in any way. It is true that what you speak and believe, you are. After the first month or so, we both said how not speaking badly about ourselves, even as innocent as it seems, actually makes you feel really good about yourself. And it has been a challenge. I think a couple of times Dennis could have called me and deducted $5 from my $25. Oh, yes, you lose $5 each time you say or gesture something bad about your body. By the end of the month, if you have any money left, you can have it. If you still have $25, you can then make a Deal or No Deal. Deal, you take the $25, or No Deal, and you don't take the $25, try to go two more months without saying or gesturing anything bad about your body to get $75, with no deductions, it's all or nothing. I did call Dennis, but he has been doing good for awhile, so I may let him slide.

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