Thursday, July 19, 2007

July has almost come and gone!

July is a blur. I ended up with tendinitis in my right foot, so wasn't getting around well. But thankfully it seems that's all it was, no tear and not torn. Daisy has still had her skin allergy problems and we've taken her to LSU Small Animal Clinic three times now. Unfortunately, her health started to take a different turn and after the blood work, we've found she has lost about 30% of her kidneys. She's not in kidney failure at this time. She could be with us for a few months to years. It all depends on if she eats. Not eating is the worse thing she could do to herself right now. So we've done all we can. We bring her in to get her fluids, we can now load her up with all kinds of food, just so she'll eat, which Archie is loving that ;) And she has eaten, still thrown up a bit. But she's holding her own. Have to say, a cat seems to lose weight so fast. She was also like a little football and now you feel bones. She's tough though and we're giving her plenty of TLC as she is to us as well. Pets really do become family. July makes nine years since my family dog Pierre has been gone. Dad died the weekend after on the 12th. Feels like yesterday sometimes.
All kind of emotions going on this month! Have to say even though it's been pretty tough, it's also been so exciting because this Saturday the 21st the last book in the Harry Potter series is coming out!!! I really want to pace myself, but have a feeling, I won't be getting any sleep. Looks like businesses have taken into consideration that not just kids will be up all night reading. Some have even had parties that following Monday to kind of help those that can't take off make it through the rest of their day with no sleep. It'll be fun to hear every one's stories. And also the 5th movie, the Order of the Phoenix came out!!! It's with every book, I love the books and it's their own little world and then the movies are separate but a supplement to it. Order of the Phoenix was the largest book so far in the series. There's no way they could put everything in there. The basic plot is there. Still great, but nothing like the books.
Dennis and I have also finished our site for our new business. It's really a "fun" thing for us. It's called Pillows 4 Me Alphabet Pillow Creations. Check it out when you can and let us know what you think. Pass the link along to others interested. I had so much fun making my letters for my workout room and then decorating them with little extras.
That's been July so far. Will be grossly involved in HP and the Deathly Hallows so see you next month!!

For my Year to Remember class scrapbook class, I couldn't resist doing the entire Layout devoted to Harry Potter.

Waiting for the last book!!!

Saw the Order of the Phoenix on the 11!!

Read all of the books so far from the library and now collecting my own. Love to re-read them too much.

All of ther DVD's out.

Tied it all together with "love." It was an old magic that Voltemort didn't know was love. I'm gonna need kleenex for this last book, I know it!!!

Had fun with the calendar part of my layout too in honor of the last book coming out.

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  1. mikki gaubert9:51 PM

    Hey, I finally got the internet at home from Cox-only took them 14 months and I only wish I was joking. You look so wonderful and so, so happy. I forget how creative you really can be. Especially enjoyed the clocks. You go girl. The pillow website is adorable. Congrats to you and Dennis. I miss you and Happy Belated Birthday.


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