Saturday, September 29, 2007

The NEW fALL ShoWS!!

I totally forgot about Friday's shows love Ghost Whisperer. Jennifer Love-Hewitt is such a beautiful person inside and out. Saw her on the Ellen show several months ago, and such a big heart.

DVR'd the new Moonlight show...will see how that is.

CSI LAS VEGAS!!!!!!! I am so emotional I had a hard time holding back the tears watching Grissom and Sarah

Ugly Betty - Henry is back!! Ahhhh, and make me cry again...Hilda's fiance really was my heart out!

Criminal Minds - that lady that wants the head guy out is a B****!! Management stuff is all I could think...the lingo and all. Is Gideon really checking out???!!!! Do you remember him in Princess Bride??

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  1. I cried when I realized that Santos was really dead on Ugly Betty. I had been so happy to believe he was still alive!


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