Saturday, September 29, 2007

Rhonna's {21} Challenge Continues

Day 11 - so much of the mind and how we think is powerful. There wouldn't be any addictions of any kind if we could dump the junk and do a fresh reload. Oh, my cyan ink is out on my printer, so had to pull out my chalks, Krylon pen, pencils, you name it to add a little something something.
Day 12 - love the funness of the new Diecut with a View Rockstar paper. Just pure fun with no rules of any kind allowed.

Day 13 - more no rules allowed and just pure fun with Diecuts with a View Rockstar paper.

Day 14 - I think My Mind's Eye paper and Heidi Swapp and Rhonna stamps. Although they are more in the background and not the focus. One of the layers of the stamps reads moment by moment because I've known all along willpower has nothing to do with breaking and forming new habits

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  1. Hi Patricia. Your recent pages for Rhonna's challenge are really cool! I love the rock star ones! What nice papers! I love following others people progress! helps keep me motivated too!

  2. LOVE what you are doing with your journal! Gorgeous!!! smiles...


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