Saturday, October 27, 2007

My Secret Sis

Going to the Scrap, Etc. event in April and signed up for a Secret Sis to get to know people before the event. Well, I have been seriously spoiled by my SS this month:

I think my jaw actually dropped...I could not believe my eyes...she is an experience SS for sure. Wow!!! Okay...lots of yummy candies, really yummy candies, like candy corn, jelly bellies, lollipops, sweetarts, mouth was watering. A Making Memories Halloween book kit, OMG...Making Memories came out with some of the cutest Halloween stuff. This box was just filled...okay, cute cat socks, beaded pumpkin, a pumpkin stuffed with candy and carmel apple lip balm (yum-o), a pumpkin pen, little sequins all over the box, even Halloween tissue...pumpkin shaped soap...and another really cute card!!!! My Secret Sis Rocks!!!! She has certainly inspired me in being a SS myself!!
Wow!!!!!!!! She really surpirsed me again. Love the zebra printed wrappinig paper, gotta use that for something else, and the hot pink ribbon with black polka dots. My first Jane Austen book...yeah!! A Starbucks gift card, be still my heart, and the cUuuutest little kitty kat bookmark!! Can't wait to sit with my coffee reading my first Jane Austen book. This is so much fun!!

My second card from my SS and some Autumn Leaves stamps (I've used these already too!)...she is really really good at making cards, seriously!!!!!

My first card and little flowers (i've already used them too;) from my SS. So nice getting happy mail...I loved it!!!!

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  1. Whoa! Thanks for posting the pics- definitely very inspiring for being a SS! :)


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