Monday, November 05, 2007

Daisy Update

She has really been scratching bad. Blood all around her ears. I wish the Claritin or Chlor-Trimeton and the Prednisolone would do more for her. We've done everything for her. Her kidney situation is the same. She has a huge appetite which is great and is the key to her being with us awhile longer. She's just not exactly the same as she used to be. My sister, Holly, hadn't seen her for awhile until the visit with my brother and couldn't believe how she looked. She's a tough little thing though. Still going to the vet every weekend for her fluids to flush out her kidneys.

It is so stressful though to hear her scratching, and making noises like she's irrated by it, and she bites and licks constantly. It's so nice for her to settle down and relax. We don't get much sleep with all of that and she can't be by us, she has to be on top of us. Some nights we don't get any sleep at all. She can't help it. Wish they could have found out the cause, but now we just need to keep her going. Really brings you down to see her like that. She's not in any pain though, just aggravated by the itchiness and not as much energy because of the onset of kidney failure. So we're still doing the right thing for her right now.

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