Monday, November 05, 2007

Recent Layouts

This was great when I made this, but looks like it may not happen.
Love pens and had gotten my order in (by snail mail). Wanted to try a different size LO and just had fun.

Challenge was to use Believe and create a LO. Deep one for me.

Love the pics of Daisy and Archie. I'd do it completely different if I did it again. Not a fav. Kind of a "what was I thinking."

Another "what was I thinking" But I really like that even though lately these are the only type of pictures I can get of Daisy, I still want to remember her.

Definitely would not do this again. I have got to stop doing anything family related, too upsetting. But it's a card from Mom and Dad that I scanned and used in this layout.

Layout of just Dennis. He's so cute!

Love taking pictures and love how gorgeous our Confederate Rose trees are.

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