Monday, December 03, 2007

Happy Monday!

Happy and Monday really never go together, do they?

Joined PAC, our local gym. Had been a member before...but with my foot issues, I need variety and the constant walking aggravates it. Bummer, but I'm dealing with as there is a reason for this.

Foot is still not better. I did buy some new Dansko shoes. I may have foot issues, but I'm going to at least get some cute shoes. Still in the boot though.

Was really wanting to go to the gym today, but...have a doctor's appt and PT and with being in the boot makes for really long days hobbling around, taking it on and off to drive and just getting around. So it would be overkill today. And I'm supposed to be learning to be more gentle with TODAY is not a good day for the gym. But TOMORROW IS!! I do the bike at PT, so that's what I'll do at the gym tomorrow. Wednesday, though, is what I'm really looking forward to the most and that is the Gentle Yoga class. Can't wait.

We had a good weekend. I cooked some stuffed cabbage stoup...Rachael Ray's word for a cross between soup and step: stoup. Made a big, big salad with all kinds of stuff in it. And my sister came over to help us decorate our tree. That's about all we're going to do. We've never been really big into decorating. Sometimes we do put lights on the house and stuff all around the house. But the less I'm on my feet the better right now and I really need to slow down.

You would think with someone not working, you would be sitting around and not doing a whole lot. Well, not me. I get really involved in my creative projects and always learning something or reading something. I'm learning Photoshop right now...layering to be specific.

I also have signed up for a lot of swaps for the event coming up in April. And did some things with the Scrap in Style. I don't think I'll do that again. I'm just feeling a little overwhelmed and instead of taking care of myself, I've become just a doer.

Daisy has been still suffering with the itching making really bad sores all over her. We still bring her every week for the fluids because of her kidney problems. But we talked to the vet and showed her the sores she has recently made and how it's constant with the licking, biting, and itching. She said it's not a quality of life, but then again, she does not have cancer or other terminal a decision for her to not be with us, is not an easy one...she is still Daisy. So we are trying her on some behavioral medicine. Hopefully that will help with the constant licking, biting, and itching. We also started giving her Pepcid. It's really kind of like taking care of an elderly person. Daisy throws up a lot and it's lot when she does...she misses the litter box often, her skin and blood gets everyone...sorry so gross, but this is the reality of day to day. Dennis and I are very stressed worrying about her. But we will continue to do as much for her as we can to make her comfortable and spoil her to death right now. She loves to be touched and close to us right now. And is very clingy, especially at night...very hard to sleep with her all over you and then worse when she starts to lick, bite, and itch. It's really rough.

Have pics I'll put up to get off this computer now.

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