Monday, December 17, 2007

Update on My Foot

One month has passed and it's not better. It's better only in that it has strengthened through the PT and I've been going to the gym doing the bike and yoga. But it's not healed and the pain isn't completely gone.

Went to the doctor last Thursday and he has ordered an MRI to see if I have a tear. If it is a little tear, I'll wear the boot for longer. If it is a big tear, he'll do surgery and I'll probably be back in the boot for full recovery. Either way, I'm not happy about it. The boot tends to make my foot and especially my ankle weak. Although, when my foot is really bothering me, the boot helps to walk a little better, and gives my foot a chance to rest when it is really hurting.

He did write me an order for three more weeks of PT only if I feel it is helping. But don't know how much insurance is picking up. This week, I'm not going back to PT until after I hear about the MRI results. I wonder if PT should have waited until we found out if it was a tear or not?

This is not going to be a quick healing process. It will be a much longer healing process IF I need surgery. From what I can guess, I may still be in a cast or the boot when we get our referral. That is, if China stays within the time frame of matching families one week per month. That would put us at about June...then August to travel.

I have a lot of concerns about what to do to make this better and how long it will take. I feel like maybe an MRI should have been ordered first to see if there was a tear.

It's been since July when the injury occurred and I first saw the doctor. At that time, he just recommended rest, meds, and ice/heat for two weeks. It did help, but just didn't completely go away. Two weeks into my training for the half marathon in October and I could not walk again.

Hopefully it just needs more time to heal with activity that does not aggravate it like walking.

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