Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A New Year

We had a good Christmas in Alabama with spending time with in-laws and with Dennis' friend, Dean, and his wife, Kathy. We had a good time while we were there. It was the second Christmas without Mom and actually was harder. She died so suddenly, I think it takes awhile for the shock and the reality to really settle. But you never stop missing loved ones when they are gone. I couldn't help but think about the spread of food that Mom and Dad would have cooked. We were all spread out in LaPlace, Mandeville, or Covington, but we would all meet in Metairie at Mom and Dad's. The adjustment of losing so much so suddenly takes awhile.
But I'm working through the adjustment. With being at home now and giving myself the self care I've needed for so long, I'm so thankful I quit before Emma gets here. You have to go through things to get to the other side and God has placed me at a point of becoming a Mom and recognizing that it is time to go through this journey rather than being so busy and not taking care of myself. It has not been the best of times, but I'm thankful to go through them and know once I get to the other side, it will be all worth it.

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The Latest Wait Time

I had it all wrong, of course, by now it may be right. But as far as we know, the waiting list and the rate of how China is going through all of the families' paperwork puts us at June to get our referral and August to travel.

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