Wednesday, May 30, 2007

When's the Baby Coming?

I think people must think this is never going to happen. I know Dennis's mom seems to be the most anxious. Dennis and I, on the other hand, are quite thankful to enjoy and take advantage of our time before the big change. But Yes, the baby is Coming, but with No Date of when, no information to show us who she is, where she was born, NO nothing. We're one of the many families in line waiting for their turn as well as the babies in line for their turn for each family to be matched together. Since the waiting goes up every month by either a half a month or a whole month pushing our referral date (picture and vital statistics of her) further, we don't try to figure out when. We just roll with it and tell everyone maybe the end of this year, perhaps beginning of next year, no worries. We are enjoying the experience of being expectant, adoptive parents.

We had re-filed our I-600A with the USCIS and got confirmation they have it. They advised we will find out if they approve us again in about 3 months. So all docs will be up-to-date for another year at least.

Time flies, we're already at the end of May already. In a few days I'll be 40, seems so weird, but really a great new beginning.

And speaking of babies, our cat, Daisy, went again to LSU. Saw a different doctor there this time and she as well as us have not seen any indication of fleas. We're going back to another allergy test, starting over again. Of course, they have to knock her out to take her blood to do that. In addition to giving her steroids orally every other day, she got another prescription to "hopefully" be a long-term fix, but that medication is every day. All this along with her allergy shots as well...a lot of screaming going on in the house...she's very loud and dramatic. Speaking of dramatic, doctor really recommends that we try the E-collar again. She probably is making it worse by licking, biting, and scratching. We were really nervous she would start thrashing herself around again, but she didn't. She actually walked around very dignified with her little E-collar on. We have to watch her the entire time, because she trips, falls, you name it, can't function too great with it. She gets a break from wearing it until she starts the licking, biting, and scratching. Enjoy the pics of her with it on. It's so much better in person...a really good laugh.

For Memorial Day, we grilled out. Dennis really wanted a chocolate cake, his favorite, so we baked it, cooled it, iced it, and put it together, but kind of the wrong way and should have left it the wrong way. Between Daisy this week and the cake, I still can't stop laughing. So enjoy the picture of the wonderful cake as well.

Hope everyone gets as good of a laugh with these pics as we did!

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

You Can Leave Me A Comment Now

I hadn't really looked around on Blogger since I created the blog and then not too long ago, they made some upgrades. But from a friend I've met through my online scrapbooking class, A Year to Remember, by Heidi Swapp, now anyone can leave a comment. Thank you, Colleen, for the tip!

Happy Mother's Day tomorrow to ALL women! Looks like another beautiful weekend.

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Monday, May 07, 2007

May Already!

A bunch of cool projects this month that I just loved.
Star was from class at my local Scrapbooking store.

Mother's day is coming up this week and we've already got my mother-in-law's, Arnette, gift in the mail. The idea for a perpetual magnetic scrapbook board came from one of my online classes. I used a dry erase, cork board I already had in my workout room to make the first one for me. I used old costume jewelry and heavy-duty glue and magnets to make the magnets myself.

Then I bought a bigger board and made one for my Mother-in-Law. Did a lot more embellishing on hers. These look so much better in person.

Made this for Allison, one of my girls from youth group. She's graduating from high school and going off to college and moved away.

This month's Life Challenge and Art Challenge for one of my classes is to create the LEGACY we want to leave, to think about where you've come from, and where are you going or who do you want to become. I'm too much of a thinker, cause I came up with all kinds of things. For the art challenge, I didn't have one picture showing all of the generations of mothers. Our family has too big of a generation gap. I could have used a picture that represented the past, but I decided it would be kind of cool seeing the pictures of my mom, grandmothers, great grandmothers, and great great grandmothers. Another part of the art challenge was to make flowers out of fabric you already have. Well, you know, Dennis couldn't believe when my mom died how much all of us kids hold on to the silliest things. I have quite a few pieces of her clothing and some of her nightgowns. So I used cut up pieces from one of her nightgowns to make the flowers. I also used a pair of costume pearl earrings that my mother and I used to share, strung them up on gold metallic thread and layered on top of the ribbon. Really came out nice. I think it's a good tribute to her and all of the women from my past.

I can't believe this is May already. Haven't replied yet to my big sis's email stating that I have a special birthday coming up. I really hadn't thought about it, but then that reminded me, oh yeah, I'll be 40 June 3rd. I hate to admit this, but my eyes have not been what they used to be for awhile now, I'm breaking out in sweats a lot more, and I've caught myself on numerous occasions walking into a room and totally forgeting why I walked in there. Other than that, I still feel like a kid ;)

Daisy still isn't doing great. Her itching and licking just keeps getting worse. Waiting to here from the dermatologist in B.R. to see what she recommends at this stage.

I'm trying not to figure out how Harry Potter will end.

Since I have the time to read, I figured I'd try picking up C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity again since I'm alone and can read it slowly. Well, it still didn't work. I have a mental thing with his writing. I can read one sentence and not get it. Aside from your mind naturally wandering, I find it is constantly wandering when I read any of his books. I really want to read them too. I've read J.R.R. Tolkien books, of course, can't pronounce all of the made up languages he has throughout them, but I still get it and it flows for me.

It may be an age thing again, or just a focusing problem, but if something doesn't grab me right away, forget it. I get too antsy. You wouldn't want to watch TV with me because I'm a flipper when the commercials come on, or I'll watch two things at once. We did switch to DirectTV and have DVR now. I even get antsy with that. You either see the commercials as you fast forward or you go so fast, you've already gone into the program and back to another set of commercials. Glad to finally have DVR though. At least it helps out a little.

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