Thursday, August 30, 2007

The house is a mess

I get so involved in whatever it is I'm doing...and when I get ideas, I have to roll with it and my surroundings end up a mess. I love to experiment with making things...sounds a lot like my dad when he made flower pots out of dog dishes...he called it research and development. Playing around with anything to see what you can come up it. In the mornings dad would sit at the kitchen table and he would just think. He raised cacti and succulent, actually came up with his own species, and also raised Amaryllis. So with learning the species, raising them from seeds, creating his own species, making pots for all of this...he would be at the kitchen table a lot looking at magazines or books. Oh, and he made huge messes. I am soooo like him. Not with the plants, didn't get the green thumb AT all, but his Amaryllis and daylilies I have are thriving as well as his crown of thorn and dessert rose...pure luck though. But whatever has gotten my interest, I really absorb myself in it and then just have fun with it or dabble in research and development.

Dennis and I are playing around with adding more products to Just a couple.

These are some of the things I came up with this month as far as altering/scrapbook type creations:

Made this magnetic board for Dennis. Perfect to put his running schedule and workout routines on.

Was on a roll making bookmarks for some reason. The pictures I took while in N.O., I washed them out and printed them on these.

Was curious about trying to make this magnetic bookmark. Looks kind of like a medal, but the inspiration came from my class and journal.

I really wanted to use this stamp. Love the layered look.

Since Jenny took such a fabulous picture and it was her first visit here to New Orleans, couldn't resist making this up for her.

Today is my brother's birthday and this arrived for him today. Took some of the pictures I took and put together this canvas. I loved taking these pictures. Love playing with my SLR camera and learning photography. Very addictive.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Love this shirt!!!

Love this shirt!!!
Originally uploaded by greenjasmine12000

Had to get a picture of this shirt. How perfect is this?!!

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What's Left...

What's Left...

Love how this shot came out. Wanted to get some of the wall that was left in the forefront, the piers where the restaurants used to be, then you can see the Causeway bridge to the right and the Lakeway buildings in Metairie to the left. This picture speaks so much to me. Our family used to eat at Brunings that was there, I used to live in Metairie, I used to cross the Causeway (25-mile bridge) daily to work, which happens to also be the Lakeway building to the right of the tallest one. Shows the past, present, and the possibilities to come.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Techniques from 52 Card Pickup Class

The 52 Card Pickup online class I was in ended this week. We did 52 cards with different techniques. Some Harry Potter stuff spilled over to a couple of the cards this month:

I like the way this one came out. It's just a positive negative of a photo, but still effective. Only in person can you read that I wrote on the black side of the picture, "bloody's the last HP Book!"

This one started out as just doodling, then I decided to apply it to the technique. I think my doodling overpowered the technique of piercing, but it was fun.

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Year To Remember July Projects

Finished the July Layout by adding the picture of the book.

Mini book of Daisy.

Mini book of Archie.

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No Spoiler for Harry Potter Book 7

No spoilers here about Harry Potter book 7...I will not ruin it if you want to read it yourself...although, if you're waiting on the've got a few years to wait... The book was at my door like about 10 a.m. that Saturday...couldn't believe. As I suspected though, I had the book in my hands, just glanced at the first few sentences and my own Harry Potter movie started. Very difficult to put down and ended up having it read that Sunday morning the 22nd. I really needed eyes are really not the same as what they used to be, and I did have to pull out the reading glasses. But I couldn't leave the book just lying there for long. So many good things to say about the book and the entire series, so much like the feeling when reading The Lord of the Rings, and Chronicles of Narnia. But what really was the main comfort to me with the entire Harry Potter series was seeing others experience grief and going through it. With more deaths to come, I was a little nervous about reading book 7 and how will she portray this with characters kids and adults have grown to love and are real to them, but just like in the other books with loss, she did an excellent job. For me, the series was definitely healing and gave me a better perspective of grief. I was looking for some interviews of her after I read book 7 and discovered that her mother had dieds six months into when she first started writing the first in the Harry Potter series. Her mother never knew about Harry and her writings. But she said that her mother's death did impact how she wrote the series. How beautiful is that?!

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