Sunday, September 30, 2007

Day 15 of {21} Challenge

"Never discourage anyone...who continually makes progress, no matter how slow." Plato

Dealing with Complicated Grief: I will process, I will heal, I will realize bad things WILL happen, I will realize I am not in control of anything, I will form good habits to coping and soothing myself. I will connect to my feelings and welcome them. I will not allow anyone else to control me. I will feel healthy shame and guilt. I will always love my Mom and thankful now that she feels love for the first time with the Man of her dreams, Jesus. But I will follow a new course, I will listen to and follow my Heart. I will encourage and lift up others and not tear them down. Everyone has a right to be unique and different. I will surround myself with others who also encourage and support me.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

The NEW fALL ShoWS!!

I totally forgot about Friday's shows love Ghost Whisperer. Jennifer Love-Hewitt is such a beautiful person inside and out. Saw her on the Ellen show several months ago, and such a big heart.

DVR'd the new Moonlight show...will see how that is.

CSI LAS VEGAS!!!!!!! I am so emotional I had a hard time holding back the tears watching Grissom and Sarah

Ugly Betty - Henry is back!! Ahhhh, and make me cry again...Hilda's fiance really was my heart out!

Criminal Minds - that lady that wants the head guy out is a B****!! Management stuff is all I could think...the lingo and all. Is Gideon really checking out???!!!! Do you remember him in Princess Bride??

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Rhonna's {21} Challenge Continues

Day 11 - so much of the mind and how we think is powerful. There wouldn't be any addictions of any kind if we could dump the junk and do a fresh reload. Oh, my cyan ink is out on my printer, so had to pull out my chalks, Krylon pen, pencils, you name it to add a little something something.
Day 12 - love the funness of the new Diecut with a View Rockstar paper. Just pure fun with no rules of any kind allowed.

Day 13 - more no rules allowed and just pure fun with Diecuts with a View Rockstar paper.

Day 14 - I think My Mind's Eye paper and Heidi Swapp and Rhonna stamps. Although they are more in the background and not the focus. One of the layers of the stamps reads moment by moment because I've known all along willpower has nothing to do with breaking and forming new habits

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Almost Forgot...CSI Miami, Dude!!

Aaaaahhhhh, I LOVE David Caruso!!!!! He is so cool. All new CSI's on now...whahoo!!! I think my favorite scene of him was the very last episode last season when he was standing on top of the highrise...OMG!!!! He IS the man.

I nearly peed in my pants seeing this again...Jim Carrey doing David Caruso on David Letterman...he's got David's character nailed.

Okay, Desparate Housewives, over and done with it; same with Grey' sick of the drama that's not drama.

House, yes, Hugh is great, his character is a little harder to love, such a jerk, we'll see what's up tonight ; CSI Las Vegas, no doubt...LOVE Grissom (William Petersen)...LOVE him in a different way than David though. David's just got it going on.

Criminal Minds, yes, will be there for this season.

Ugly Betty...Love America Ferrera.

Loved this past season on USA with The Closer, Monk, and Psyche...I could watch DVRs of those all day.

Okay, I'm supposed to be cleaning up my mess...but I do love my shows!

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Life with My Little Rug Rats!

Such a bad photo...had my little camera that has the settings for websites and I was laughing so hard. Nice ad for Chef Boyardee though...didn't place the can either, just happened that way. This is so gross I know. Poor Dennis. He was opening this can for lunch the other day, turned to get a bowl, came back and found her in it! She ate a good bit too! So then he went to open up a can of tuna (which is bad anyway when you have cats around), well, he had to end up giving the can of Chef Boyardee and tuna to both Daisy and Archie to eat...mainly the liquid from the Chef Boyardee, but he wasn't going to eat it. So he made himself a sandwich eventually...and finally had his lunch...

As far as how she's doing...much better, but last few days kind of funky. Her energy level is low and last night...well, I lost count of how many times she threw up. Could be from all that rich. Hopefully, that's all it is. She's got her appetite, though, as you can see. As long as she has that, she'll be with us a good awhile.

We still take her every week for her fluids at the vet. It gets mentally draining worrying about her and taking care of her, but we're not giving up on her.

She's really itchy again right now. The vet agreed, with all that we did, we stopped the allergy shots because there wasn't any progress. So Dennis gives her her liquid steriods and then the other day we had to give her a Chlor-Trimeton...she was just bleeding so much from scratching. Didn't do a whole only last for 4 hours, but could be why even after the next day she kind of drags.

Don't know...gets tiring, so emotional seeing her get stressed with taking her to the vet for the fluids, (they stick a big needle under her skin and inject fluid that forms a sack...her body can absorb the liquid...with kidney problems, she'll never drink as much liquids as she needs to flush out the funk in her kidneys) trying to give her her steroids, and the Chlor-Trimeton is a nightmare because it's a pill. As the vet said, she's undergone so much stress, we try to limit it as much as possible, but we have to take care of her.

Just trying to keep her healthy and to keep eating...who would have thought Chef Boyardee.

She's staying in a little more. Her new favorite place is the windowsill in the kitchen.

Had to close the doors to some of the rooms because Archie was having his little peeing throughout the house thing going on for awhile there...unfortunately, ever since Katrina. He did really good for awhile until we left for Christmas last year and came back home to find puddles. But have recently opened the doors again and scope it out to see how he's far so good. And he's back in one of his favorite spots...Emma's crib, which is really good from what I've read for a cat with his personality to be exposed to all the newness of the stuff before the other living creature gets there! He's such a momma's boy. For a cat, I'm amazed I can get anything done...he is extremely demanding of ME.

Life with my little rug rats!

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{21} Challenge with Rhonna Continues Days 8, 9, and 10

Day 8...definitely getting tougher to keep with goal. It's so all mental! But this quote helps to put you back on track.

Day 9 - true this one is!!!!!
Day 10 - yes, how serious am I? So many have made it, I know I can do it. I have to tell myself, what would I tell Emma (our soon-to-be daughter if she were here)? I would tell her to take the time you need to take care of yourself. You are not in a hurry.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Our My Pillows 4 Me Business

Just had a special order for one of our 13" letters for a baby shower. Just love the way they come out. Love the little tag we added to it too, nice little touch. So far everyone who has ordered for kids...the kids love them so much they carry them around with them...that is just too cute!

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{21} Challenge with Rhonna Continues

Day 5 and 6
Day 7 - how true this quote is. If we could all change just that, there would be no addictions of any kind, no low self-esteem, worth. This hits to the core of me. People may see me from the outside and think I have not taken care of myself, but my thoughts are so different now and am at a much better place than I was a year ago.
How sad that so many people are messed up, really. But I can't help but be angry at my parents and at the same time feel stinking sorry for them. Where did the slacking take place? Who let the ball drop? Who didn't teach another human being how to create healthy boundaries? Boundaries that would give you the self-esteem and self-worth not to allow others to cross your line, not to take advantage of your body, of your time, your emotions, of who you are. It takes so much work to redo the wrong. It's worth it, but tough.

Being creative everyday and sticking with my goal!! ONE gOaL!! I really love this challenge. Love seeing the blogs of others and the creativity out there. It amazes me how talented people are...just normal people.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

{21} Challenge with Rhonna Continues

Days 3, 4, and 5 of my art journal and the challenge. Doing great with the Challenge...taking care of me!!

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

{21} Challenge with Rhonna

So excited that Rhonna is starting another {21} Challenge.

21 days to make a habit +daily creative play+ daily motivation= a rewarding journey to conquering a new habit!

I'm choosing to create a new habit over the 21 days: As part of being good to myself, I'm only eating when I'm hungry.

These are pictures of my first posts of my art journal for this challenge.

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Would have been birthday 84 for my Dad today

Happy Birthday, Dad. You see, I didn't forget. And you were right, I'd miss you when you were gone; and it IS hell getting old.

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