Friday, December 21, 2007

Pity Party

I feel pretty lousy. When you have some kind of pain, it just really effects everything.
And I just don't know about these places where you can post your layouts or creations and then all of the challenge blogs. Don't get me wrong, I like to create and do what I can do even though I'm not cool or artistic or creative. I think I've gotten that message clearly. There's been something about it I can't put my finger on. Maybe the word I'm looking for is subjective? I don't have anything bad to say about them, because I can't seem to get the yucky feeling I have about them out. I keep getting the yucky feeling, so I guess that means I need to stay away from that.

One thing today that was pretty cool that happened is...I stopped at the grocery store on my way home from my dentist appointment (got another tooth ready for a crown, yuck). I really don't know what I should be bringing for when we get together with family on Monday. Dennis mentioned the Chicago style spinach dip, so I'm bringing that. Pretty simple and ingredients are simple too but I didn't pick up an onion because i figured I had one at home. Dennis helped unpack the groceries and unpacked an onion from one of the bags. Okay...that is just cool!

Dennis is doing well after his little procedure from yesterday. Let's just say it's the kind of doctor that looks where the sun don't shine, and she took a load off for him!

And my navel piercing has closed up. Have not had an MRI done for so long, I didn't think about my piercings. The one in my ear hasn't come out since I got it. Those things are not easy to get out. I ended up having to get a tech to help me out. I got the navel one out just fine. As soon as I got home, though, I hurried up to put them back in before they started to close up. The ear one did not want to go in, but I got it, but can't get the ball on there...ahh! And my go. Really really bummed about it. That was a big deal for me going down on Magazine to get the piercing by myself...2003ish I guess. I'm so pitiful, I know...but I hate that it's gone. I miss it.

Enough of my pity party.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's Thursday Before Christmas!!!

It'll be here and then gone before we know it. Looking forward to the new year.

Had my MRI today of my foot. I've had one done before of my head, and this one was worse for me. Having my upper body and head out of the machine looking at the huge thing was much worse than just being in it...crazy I know. I really had to do a lot of deep breaths and I had so many floods of anxiety. I used to not be that bad, but the last couple of years, I just kind of have more anxiety attacks. I knew it would be worse if I stopped them because it would take longer...I just kept picturing Daisy and Archie and tried to keep breathing...very deeply. So we'll see what the results are soon.
Been busy creating again...just good therapy especially this time of year. Pencil Lines Challenge but just really wanted to make something.
Got Mojo challenge, but again, really wanted to make something and oh how I love Starbucks. This LO not only looks good, but smells wonderful in real life!!!

I thought it would cool looking back on when I first started this blog, so I did screen shots of my blog and put them together on this page. Blogs are no big deal now, but imagine ten years from now. Need to do one for MySpace too. This is history right now!

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Update on My Foot

One month has passed and it's not better. It's better only in that it has strengthened through the PT and I've been going to the gym doing the bike and yoga. But it's not healed and the pain isn't completely gone.

Went to the doctor last Thursday and he has ordered an MRI to see if I have a tear. If it is a little tear, I'll wear the boot for longer. If it is a big tear, he'll do surgery and I'll probably be back in the boot for full recovery. Either way, I'm not happy about it. The boot tends to make my foot and especially my ankle weak. Although, when my foot is really bothering me, the boot helps to walk a little better, and gives my foot a chance to rest when it is really hurting.

He did write me an order for three more weeks of PT only if I feel it is helping. But don't know how much insurance is picking up. This week, I'm not going back to PT until after I hear about the MRI results. I wonder if PT should have waited until we found out if it was a tear or not?

This is not going to be a quick healing process. It will be a much longer healing process IF I need surgery. From what I can guess, I may still be in a cast or the boot when we get our referral. That is, if China stays within the time frame of matching families one week per month. That would put us at about June...then August to travel.

I have a lot of concerns about what to do to make this better and how long it will take. I feel like maybe an MRI should have been ordered first to see if there was a tear.

It's been since July when the injury occurred and I first saw the doctor. At that time, he just recommended rest, meds, and ice/heat for two weeks. It did help, but just didn't completely go away. Two weeks into my training for the half marathon in October and I could not walk again.

Hopefully it just needs more time to heal with activity that does not aggravate it like walking.

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

2007 - It's a Wrap

Very last Layout for the A Year to Remember class calendar. Have to say it was good, but ready to move on. I did my own interpretation of the Layout's assignment and did a recap of some of the things to remember from 2007...not all. And Daisy and Archie are very much a part of our family, so they have to be included.
One of the class projects was to make the December calendar an advent calendar. Really not my thing...but since I started it, I finished it. Christmas is complicated enough...I'd really like to put on each day to just chill and take it easy and don't run yourself ragged...instead of making up stuff and making it sound like I have all this energy to put up Christmas lights and decorations and make my Christmas cards...ha...don't think so. But I didn't put a thing, just cut up paper and pockets for now.
I'm really exhausted with wearing the boot and going to PT three times a week. I did go the gym also twice this past week. And did a LOT of running around. Which is tiring enough, but for me, it's take the boot off, put regular shoe on, drive, park, take shoe off, put boot on, hobble around with a boot that begins to feel like dead weight, take the boot off, put the shoe on, drive, park, and repeat.
I'd like to say my foot is better, but it's not. It does feel a little stronger around my ankle, but it's not better, the pain is still there. PT did a very deep tissue massage on it TWICE...I thought I was going die. I go back to the doctor this Thursday and I'm really anxious about what he will say.
Got some blood work done the other day and will go back to my regular doctor after the first of the year. With me turning 40, we're checking to see if maybe taking a new medication called Byetta for diabetics will help with my insulin resistance. It would be nice to see how that helps me. Will have to wait to see what the tests show to see if I am actually insulin resistant.
Happy Sunday and have a great week!!!

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Layouts from Thanksgiving

Just the two of us again for did a smaller scaled Thanksgiving meal. We had a lot of fun cooking and not spending the entire day in the kitchen. We rented four movies too: Evan Almighty (highly recommend), Spiderman 3, Christmas with the Kranks, and Chuck and Larry. Chuck and Larry really was interesting. It's when Adam Sandler and Kevin James' characters get married to have insurance benefits. What was interesting was to see how people treated them so differently after and how ugly people could get...mostly the religious ones. Instead of looking from the outside in; you could see from the inside out how ugly people are.

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Monday, December 03, 2007

Happy Monday!

Happy and Monday really never go together, do they?

Joined PAC, our local gym. Had been a member before...but with my foot issues, I need variety and the constant walking aggravates it. Bummer, but I'm dealing with as there is a reason for this.

Foot is still not better. I did buy some new Dansko shoes. I may have foot issues, but I'm going to at least get some cute shoes. Still in the boot though.

Was really wanting to go to the gym today, but...have a doctor's appt and PT and with being in the boot makes for really long days hobbling around, taking it on and off to drive and just getting around. So it would be overkill today. And I'm supposed to be learning to be more gentle with TODAY is not a good day for the gym. But TOMORROW IS!! I do the bike at PT, so that's what I'll do at the gym tomorrow. Wednesday, though, is what I'm really looking forward to the most and that is the Gentle Yoga class. Can't wait.

We had a good weekend. I cooked some stuffed cabbage stoup...Rachael Ray's word for a cross between soup and step: stoup. Made a big, big salad with all kinds of stuff in it. And my sister came over to help us decorate our tree. That's about all we're going to do. We've never been really big into decorating. Sometimes we do put lights on the house and stuff all around the house. But the less I'm on my feet the better right now and I really need to slow down.

You would think with someone not working, you would be sitting around and not doing a whole lot. Well, not me. I get really involved in my creative projects and always learning something or reading something. I'm learning Photoshop right now...layering to be specific.

I also have signed up for a lot of swaps for the event coming up in April. And did some things with the Scrap in Style. I don't think I'll do that again. I'm just feeling a little overwhelmed and instead of taking care of myself, I've become just a doer.

Daisy has been still suffering with the itching making really bad sores all over her. We still bring her every week for the fluids because of her kidney problems. But we talked to the vet and showed her the sores she has recently made and how it's constant with the licking, biting, and itching. She said it's not a quality of life, but then again, she does not have cancer or other terminal a decision for her to not be with us, is not an easy one...she is still Daisy. So we are trying her on some behavioral medicine. Hopefully that will help with the constant licking, biting, and itching. We also started giving her Pepcid. It's really kind of like taking care of an elderly person. Daisy throws up a lot and it's lot when she does...she misses the litter box often, her skin and blood gets everyone...sorry so gross, but this is the reality of day to day. Dennis and I are very stressed worrying about her. But we will continue to do as much for her as we can to make her comfortable and spoil her to death right now. She loves to be touched and close to us right now. And is very clingy, especially at night...very hard to sleep with her all over you and then worse when she starts to lick, bite, and itch. It's really rough.

Have pics I'll put up to get off this computer now.

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