Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hey, I know I've Gained Weight, No Need to Tell Me!

So here I am again making another post about, YES, I've gained weight! People get a grip, I have! This time it wasn't the look...oh, I love the look...have seen that look all my life, know the look very well. No, this time it was in my face letting me know that I've gained weight. Does ANYONE EVER need anyone to tell them they've gained weight?

We used to have sushi every Friday night or at least once a weekend. We went to the same place all the time. I got really burned out on sushi, so we haven't been in awhile. Funny, because it actually happened right after Mom died. And that's when my entire life actually changed really. So we had gotten to know the waitresses and sushi chefs pretty well. One waitress knew exactly what to order for Dennis as soon as she saw him.

That one little waitress. She's one of two people who when we told we were adopting, said that's not the same as having your own and you need to have your own. So that was one strike against her. Then tonight...I learned I've gained weight and that I'm eating all the wrong foods. Yes, do tell more. I need to eat Vietnamese food and Japanese food and I'll lose weight. I go for sushi, and I walk away so full of wisdom!

Wow, she's walked a mile in my shoes and knows exactly the right thing for me. Maybe she'll make CDs and sell them so I'll be full of her wisdom all the time!

There was only one reason for what she did. She thinks she was telling me something I didn't already know...that I've gained weight. I love saying that...YES, I've gained weight! Then she went on to tell me what to eat! She asked me first to promise not to get mad at her. But then didn't really care about the answer and said she doesn't care if I get mad or not. So the one reason for all of this...she only cares about herself. She thinks she's helping me, but she's attacking me, she's belittling me, she's being flat out rude. Most rude people don't care about you, it's all about them! The people that never consider anyone else's feelings or more importantly their intelligence, their opinions, their decisions, their life, their challenges. The key word, is RESPECT! Respect that other people actually do have intelligence and can make up their own minds and make rational decisions and can have opinions that will not be yours. And RESPECT that YOU do NOT know what THAT PERSON has gone through.

This time I'm not going into why...I have gained weight! Until people can look past appearances and look at another human being as they would want to be looked at, screw them!

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