Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lisa and I Venture into New Orleans

Lisa drives a Mustang but drives it like a my old Toyota Tercel...she knows it ;)

So we made it down to the coffee shop down on Jefferson Davis Pkwy. and had a great time listening to Mairtin de Cogain and Jimmy Crowley. So talented and great to listen to the stories. If you've never been exposed to the Irish stories and music, you'll get hooked. Although, I do have a hard time understanding from time to time ;) It's all good though! So much energy from these two! Just love that! I don't have any of Jimmy's CDs yet and had no cash on me. But I have both of the CD's from the group Mairtin is in...the Fuschia Band...all of them are so good! Will see them again in Jackson, MS for Celtic Festival and hopefully be able to add more CDs to my collection.

Coffee place was very intimate, didn't know what to expect. So met them both. But didn't want to take photos while they played since it was such an intimate setting. But did get one with the both of them. Can't help but laugh about the photo. The first one came too blurry because I don't like to use a flash unless I have too. The first one, Mairtin reminded us the old trick to stick your neck out so you have no double chin and it came out great, except blurry. This one, with the flash, that's a better quality...totally forgot about all of that and Lisa looks tipsy, and I look like the flash hit me right in the eyes, oh well, we had fun and that's all that counts!
We made it back home safe and sound.

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  1. it was great meeting you!!! love your blog...i will be adding you to my daily reads!!


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