Saturday, April 26, 2008

Scrap, Etc. Event Projects

Heidi's new book that isn't out at the stores yet, has a mirror cover. She loves those mirrors. Learned a lot from her on how to decorate them from her A Year to Remember class. This was cool being it was a book though. She loves to add different size pages, transparencies, even an overlay as pages to her books. They're usually not one length or one size. Really cool with the layers of stuff. Don't have any of my pics or journaling in it yet, but it's cool just by itself. I did get her to sign the cover for me.

Monique's class project. Love those buttons...very cute. Jenni Bowlin's class was wonderful. Loved learning how to put her products together. Followed exactly like she did, but really love the way they were so easy to go together and now I won't be so scared ot use them on my own. I've always loved different styles but had been a little afraid to use the vintage style products.

Angelia Wigginton's project. We journaled and took pictures of relationships before the event. Had all that prepared, but still ended up just doing this about me and Dennis. He needs to feel the love, especially since he supported my going to the event ;) Did this just like she did, except finally got tired of the measuring and cutting and just started to do whatever. I'm a messy scrapper...not very precise or accurate at all ;)

This pic is us 17 years ago on our honeymoon...too cute!
Wilna's project. Kind of more than one thing. We printed up card templates before the class and journaled to someone else on them. I wrote to Dennis. Then for the class we made the envelopes and the little picture card things that can either go in the cup, be made into an album, or put on a layout. Really clever and cute idea! Dennis loved it! The journaling prompts she had given us were great. Really cool gift idea. That's just a simple Starbucks cup with some glue and ripped up paper slapped up on it. I could have mod podged it, but left it like it was.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the class! Your finished project looks great :D


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