Saturday, May 03, 2008

More Happy Stuff

Can't say enough about how great Megan was to us on the shopping tour while in Nashville. She contacted several companies and they were more than happy to give out free stuff. Had seen their website, but now I really love them. Little Miss Match socks. Mostly have a line for kids, but they don't leave adults out, and I'm so glad. Makes my feet happy, especially with an injury :D Emma will definitely have some of these. LOVE LOVE LOVE these socks. Dennis said he couldn't handle the missmatched.

Still doing these...going strong and having fun. Elsie Challenge either 14 or 15??
Elsie Challenge 14 or 15 both were a scraplift type thing. I love all theh different styles on Scrap in Style (SIS) so picked one of Amber Ulmer's LO for this one. The one above, is from Martha Bonneau. Great girls, love their inspiration.

Had fun finally playing around with the March stylephyle kit from SIS. Used the Stitch in Time template so I could stitch the title...really liked how it went with the feel of the LO.

This was for National Scrapbooking Day at SIS. They have several groups going for world round robbin. One person starts, then each person does what that person does, one person adds something on their own, and it just keeps going. A lot of fun and would do it again. Everyone's look completely different, except for the sketch of the LO. Will be fun to do IRL TOO, because each person would actually add to your LO. Fun either way though!

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  1. these are great pages, Patricia!!! i totally missed out on NSD :(
    my oldest had a b-ball tournament and hubs was i would get on and look from time to time...looks like it all went super!
    nice socks ;)
    love the stitching on your LOs!


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