Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Creative Binge

We've both been busy working on new things for our business and filling orders.  Another great month.  And we still have projects for the house that we want to do, like that window frame.  Just need to get the primer now for it, tape it up, pick the colors, and...the reason why I think it's sat is I'm not completely sure what I want to put in the window parts or what types of pictures.  But it WILL happen.  And finally working on another home project I've wanted to do for us.  Taking Ashley Wren's class over at Scrap in Style.  Had to sign up when I saw the email.  Her class was one of my favorites at SISiversary.  And just two days in, I'm blown away.  She is just wanted I needed to give me a push and creative therapy.  Then Martha did her first tutorial over at SIS and it really got me inspired again to get all these little projects for the house done! And to do the projects that mean the most to me.

And you'd think creating/scrapbooking/altering you'd be on your butt, NOT.  And I had no choice but to stand, then he got annoyed with me!  Hello?!  Every time I snuck in, he gave me a look to kill.  Sorry for disturbing your cat nap, sir.  And my corner is a mess as always, and it has spread again throughout the house!  ;)  But we've both just been doing a lot, so it's to be expected.  Work is in progress around here.

Did a little of the Artistic Edge class with Adrienne Looman.  Did a little warping.  Not the best picture for the task, but it's warped!  Altered the shed too.
Lots of rain lately.  Love to see it rain, not storm, just a nice rain.  The grass and everything is so much more greener after.  Two of my favorites:  Rain and the most beautiful part of the day...evening just before getting dark.
I do like this photo that I used for my blog banner for the warp technique.  Really gives the feel of the rainy day.
This is not what I planned on making, but went with the new direction it was going in, and hung it on the wall to enjoy.  Could have added more to it, but...the subject of this project was kind of in the way;)  And really didn't feel like doing anything else to it.
Used my Mom's old typewriter.  I don't know what she did with the normal font.  I spent a lot of hours, when I was a young-in, on that typewriter practicing when I was in school.  That thing has got to be over 20 years old.  She used it a lot more as she got older and the arthritis was bad for her. 
The boy loves me, seriously loves me.  No one can grasp how much he loves me unless you saw it for yourself and then he'd go run and hide so you'd never know.  Again on my chair, and he kept spinning around and wouldn't stay still.

This is why he is my rug rat!  I cannot walk or do anything without him begging for attention.  I usually just pick him up, put him over my shoulder and go about my business.  It's really pathetic.
LOVED this Bath and Body Works ad I got in the mail.  I actually was about to throw it away and took a double take...had to go journal...
Changed it up a little, still used hand prints, just partials though.  Love this color paint too. 

It'll be a busy week.  Hopefully pictures to show later...and had to add this song to the blog for now...just keep singing in my head for some reason...

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  1. Busy is good, creative busy is better!! Love what you've made and shared!


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