Saturday, July 05, 2008

Down to the Wire

I hate putting some of the layouts away in books, well, because, they're pictures that I love and want to see.  But I don't always want to put them in any kind of frames.  I've seen other girls do this in their craft area with wire and clip creations on there, but I wanted it where everyone could see and enjoy, in the living room.  I hadn't felt like doing much of anything, but Dennis kind of pushed me and we did this together last night after shopping at Michael's for the wire.  It was inspired by Jo-Anne's project from SISiversary, see below picture, but I could not figure out how she made the wire look like we just did our own thing to make it interesting looking.  We laughed so hard at trying to get this wire to cooperate.  And this a.m. when I walked in the room, it was so nice to see all that color on the wall.  Hard to get a picture, so just a little one to get an idea of the wire.
Oh, this project makes me kind of sad.  The reason is this was from a SISiversary class with Gigi Kennedy, and she is no longer at SIS.  It's been really upsetting to me how it happened and how people have acted about it.  I'm just really having a hard time getting over it all.  But last night after Dennis got me doing the wire thingy, I did do a little art journaling in this last night.  That's what it's for.  She talks about it on her blog.  She gave us a really old book, ripped off the front/back cover, folder all the pages over, and it starts to circle like this.  Then you just do whatever you want on the inside of the pages.  I really suck at doing this kind of stuff, especially there at the event.  But she did give us a lot of journaling prompts to get you going. 

When I got home for SISiversary, I had a package from Gigi for thanking me for playing along with her project for National Scrapbooking Day.  I had PMd her to thank her through SIS, and wondered why I never heard back...she was a big part of that site.  Then I found the "where's Gigi" thread and, well...  So I'm glad I saved this little note from her to put in here, especially since this was her creation.
Another SISiversary class from Ashley Wren.  Another journal, really can't have enough ideas for journaling.  This one is more of  the "evidence of you."  She also gave us tons of prompts and ideas.  

Sarah Bowen's SISiversary class.  I love to make books, they've all been great, and this was so different.  Very cool ideas from her.  I filled it with pictures from some good memories.

Inspired by lots of girls from SIS.  This one from Amy Tangerine.

The flower thingy was inspired by Kerry Lynn.
This one is an inspiration from Lucy.

Snapped this pic real quick, and it shows, but did a SIS ATC, it was the first official one with Stacey Fike heading it up.  The idea was Art.  So I thought The Blue Dog artist George Rodrigue, and thought I'll do one with a cat!
Melissa from the SIS boards had asked for anyone wanting to sign up for a Rock Out ATC swap, but the catch was, we had to pick a song, burn it, and send all of that with blank CD's or DVD's and everyone that signed up she'd take all those songs and put it on your blank CD/DVD and send it back.  How cool??!!  The cards so far have blown me away.  So much talent, and I cannot wait to get the CD/DVD back with the wide variety of music.  I did mine based on the Sweet song from the 70's called Love is Like Oxygen.  So kind of went with that glam rock look.
Ahhhh, another that makes me kind of sad.  This was Kerry Lynn's project from her class at SISiversary, and she too is no longer at SIS.  Her's was a banner too, but I made mine different to cover and go across the mantel.    Which was also inspired by Andrea Wiebe's online class I took learning all of her wonderful flowers that she makes.  Did some of Andrea's flowers on here, but the really big ones are from Kerry's class.  Man, those were not easy.  And the LaDeDah saying is Kerry Lynn's.  I had the big letters and kept that saying.  Reminds me of the DeDah Day from Ortberg's Spiritual Discipline book...have a DeDah or LaDeDay kind of day.

This was Jo-Anne's class from SISiversary.  She came all the way over from Holland.  British girl, though, and just wonderful.  One of my favorite classes just because I loved her teaching and all the wonderful things she shared.  And this is her wire that she did for us that I tried to mimic for our wall.  
This is also that wonderful photo moment I got of Daisy that just means so much to me.
So glad again to have gone to SISiversary, I'm just so disappointed that Gigi and KL aren't there anymore and there is so much secrecy about it.  But I had had some disturbing feelings before all of that happened.  Trying to move past it.

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  1. Wow! I am so inspired by the journals you have created, glorious!! I've been wanting to get some wire for a while too but not sure where I will put it so its on the 'to-do-in-the-future list'.
    And don't feel alone in the things your going through/thinking, I'm there too :)

  2. you really created up a storm huh?

    & sweetie...i'm still here...just where i need to be :)
    & now i'm smiling b/c i got to meet you & i'm sitting here remembering that...

    good stuff...THAT is good stuff for sure :)




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