Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dude, That's Rad!!!

DOCTOR WHO WILL BE CONTINUED!!!  WHAT??!!!  I heard Russell Davies wanted to go out with a bang, and looks like he has written his most RAD Doctor Who!  Well, I can't a couple of weeks ago, I did go searching on the web...I knew someone had to have written about it since Britain had already showed the last one...I had to find out if David Tennant would still be the Doctor...I'm bad yes!  I'm not saying though ;)

And during the commercials, couldn't just sit still, so cut out a bunch of "friends" from the Bam Pop paper to go along with something I wrote a few months ago.  After watching Monk (so sad Stanley Kamel died so young (Dr. Kroger), he is being missed) and Psych, I glued the paper, painted all the edges last night, then stayed up again till about 2 a.m. starting on my first book to be read to Emma:

I Do Not Like Bugs
written by:  Patricia Roebuck
Have a pen/pencil and paper by you AT all times!!!  Or holla for the nearest person to hurry and get you some paper and a pen, quick!!!  I was enjoying our beautiful screened area by the pool one summer day, and one too many buzzzz, buzzzz, buzzzz and I came in :(
I do not like bugs I said
I do not like bugs
I do not like bugs
I do not like bugs!!!!!
Little Archiemeister was on my lap and/or I was icing my foot, one or the other, when these words rang in my head and Dr. Suess inspiration came a knocking! 
ME:  Dennis, quick paper and pen, PLEASE!
DENNIS:  Don't tell me, you've thought of something?
ME:  Yes, hurry!
ME:  Thank you!  Love you ;)
ME:  Dennis, I got it.  What do you think?
DENNIS:  You wrote that?
ME:  Yes, thank you very much.
DENNIS:  You really wrote that?
ME:  Gee thanks, yes!
ME:  What do I create with this?  A Layout with some Dr. Suess characters?
DENNIS:  No, you ought to do a book.
ME:  Why YES, a book with peek-a-boo's in it that will be something cute for Emma.

That piece of paper with my little story, poem, rhyme??? whatever you call it just sat, along with the little book I had picked out for it until last night...loved all that Bam Pop and DUDE (just sounds good with the Bam Pop), it was perfect for this!!!  Everything is Bam Pop, except the book is Tinkering Ink, paint, flocking, glitter, Tsukineko glue pad, buttons, ribbon, embroidery thread, and computer and printer for my story.

the day may be sunny
the flowers as sweet as honey,
but one buzz from a bug
will send me abuzz

you might think I'm smug
you might think I'm rude,
but after a bug or two,
I will leave you

they can crawl
they can buzz
but not by me at all

i do like hugs and pugs
and a hot coffee mug
but I undeniably, unashamedly
do not like bugs

I'm silly no doubt,
but the truth will out
I do not like bugs

written by:  Patricia Roebuck

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  1. Oh wow! you clever and creative being you!!! WOW!!! love it all LOVE IT!!!


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