Thursday, July 17, 2008

Getting all Nostalgic Again

Just can't get enough of these old photos right now.  See what happens after your parents are gone.  I wouldn't have these photos if it weren't for them being gone...because they'd still have them!  It's a nice little treasure.  There's more treasure, just got to get them from big sis!
I say this is maybe late 20's but it could be very early 30's.  Dad holding a not like him to see him like this!  My aunt and uncle are still living, don't keep in touch as often.  Granddad Bowers just looks like top dog here!

Have an interesting story about him...after he was dead.  I do believe in a spiritual world that we cannot see, and unfortunately in our home growing up we had quite a few little bumps in the night that we each experienced to make believers out of us all, even Dad, who tried to blame it on a rat, but reluctantly had to admit he was wrong.  Holly was the only one of the 4 of us kids to have known Granddad Bowers.  And he just absolutely loved her.  He died so young.  Holly had two occasions to be re-encountered with him again.  Believe what you want to believe, this is just a story of what happened.  Holly was sleeping on the couch in the living room, don't remember why.  She had a Chihuahua, named Juno.  She was sleeping under the covers between her legs.  Everyone is sound asleep.  There was a rocker in the living room, yep, it started rocking, and Juno started growling.  Then the rocker stopped like someone got up, Juno growled even more.  Holly had to squeeze her to keep her from moving.  Holly did not want to turn around, especially when she felt something on her shoulder.  Don't know how long that went on, but there was another time that Holly saw him at the foot of her bed.

Will have to share more stories.  But can't help but think of these old stories when I see pictures from the past like this.

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