Tuesday, July 15, 2008

He's Such a Show Off

I grouped a year's worth of bills that were eligible for the Red Cross.  They were all paid, so I wasn't looking for a hand out or waiting on the money to pay off the bills.  I got every bit of the money!!  Not a little, not a percent, the whole bundle of money!!!!!!  This is exactly what I knew He was capable of doing when I'd finally let go of my 20-year old job.  I was so scared and still have my worries, but God provides.  It's the best way to really put your faith in action.  Now I cannot use the word "blessed."  I have issues with that word.  For instance, "your house is so beautiful,"  "Oh, thank you, we are blessed."  What??!!  I just feel like the word is thrown around too much, and when I hear stuff like this, I hear this instead, "your house is so beautiful," Oh, thank you, we're blessed and your not."  "We must be better than you."  Now don't I feel great about myself?!  What about all of the people with no homes, no family...are you blessed and they're not?!  Yes, I think way too much about it.  But when I feel God working in a situation and flooded with his Love, I love seeing and feeling Him show off.  I'm no better than you or anyone...and...I'm not worse than you or anyone.

Another way God has been showing off too us is with our alphabet pillow creations.  Each month, we get more and more orders.  Last month we actually made a profit!  But the funny thing is, we were just so excited to make other people happy.  A lot of the orders were for full names for their kids.  Oh it's so cute.  And love to see the colors and prints they pick out.  We even had an email from someone asking if we would ship to Australia?!  When we first started out, we did what we did to just get it started, nothing too big, and figuring out the shopping cart and S&H was a little tricky.  But Dennis is off to find out what's the best way to ship.  And I'll see what I figure out as well.  I really hate shipping...yuck, it really gets you...right in the pocket book!

Need to get some groceries.  And feel like I need to make a layout or something.  I've got some built up anxiety that needs to be released.  I'm the one, not Daisy, who had the bad day!  When will I ever learn to trust myself and not try so hard?  Well, I'll always have lots and lots of practice, for sure!  Friends will come, but come in their own way.  My place in this world will come with it.  God didn't give me these feelings and weirdnesses to go it alone.

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