Thursday, July 10, 2008

It is HOT!

Got into my car the other day leaving the gym and the temp in the car said over 100.  It dropped down a little by the time I could snap this pic of it at 99 in the car.  Hot, sticky, and humid.  
Have been a little creative.  Dennis finished up his working out book he uses to record his progress and asked me to get him another and do something with it.  Hope he isn't going to be sorry he asked me to do that.  Got this journal at Big Lots for $3.  This was the simplist one.
And this is what I did to it!!  Used the technique I learned from Sarah Bowen to cover the front and back covers.  Didn't have any newspaper around, so used a catalog.  Ripped a page out, glued a piece to the front and the back, mitered the corners, and glued the flaps down.  Then just cut a piece of pattern paper to go on the inside of the front and back covers.  For the outside of the front and back covers, I cut a piece of cardstock and just started laying pieces of PP down, some fabric, and misc stuff too, cut it to size after, and then glued on, and added more stuff.  Lots and lots of distressing, wanted a really grungy look.  Love that Tim Holtz distresser thingy.  Scratches up the PP really good, and good ole sandpaper as well.  Used alcohol inks to color the rubber band so it would have a good grunge look as well.
Front inside cover and page.  Had to cover up some of those pretty flowers and the quotes throughout the book, so grunged it up more on the inside as well.
Did the back cover as well, just used PP only, nothing bulky.
Some of the grunged up pagers.  Did a little something on every other page that had a quote.  Just didn't go with the working out feel.

I finally did the next Elsie Challenge.  #17 to use alphabets that fit your personality or personal style.  Loved seeing Emily Falconbridge do this before and really wanted this for the feel of it.  Picked raw and colored chipboard letters, glued them down, painted over with gesso, then used acrylic paints.
Oh, and this is the fancy schmancy new computer that we'll be paying on for quite some time ;)
Not wanting to throw away anything, used the other half of that photo from the Elsie challenge card and put it in my Gigi art journal.
Really hooked on coffee right now, but iced.  Really hits the spot with the hot weather.
Tried to get some photos of Daisy in her new spot in the screened area, but too hot and muggy, lens fogged up right away.  Oh, she's doing okay.  High maintenance that little one.  Her skin allergy seems to have flared up again and it aggravates her.  She's comfortable though, and always happy to get scratched and rubbed.  A little old cat.  She is so stinkin' cute, even when she misses the litter box a LOT when she poops, and it's not a nice poop either.  You will gag for sure.  And speaking of gagging, her throwing up has slowed down which is good, means the kidney problems are doing okay.  She needs fluids if she starts throwing up more, but she will eat grass too and make herself throw up.  Oh, and the licking...she's doing that a lot right now, and that makes it worse.  So lots of fun stuff to clean up all the time around here!  Never dull.  At least Archie is not senile yet and just has the normal cat messes.  He's really enjoying being outside too, but still is mainly inside...usually by me, my rug rat, always by my feet watching my every move.

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  1. your gi book looks fab patricia.
    did you show gi yet?

  2. Oh wow!! Look at all your gorgeous creations!!! Love the cut photo and that you used it on 2 projects, clever!!
    My feet are envious of your summer right now, they are cold and in need of slippers lol

  3. wow! wonderful stuff, Patricia!
    Your new computer looks like a twin to mine!!! ;) i hope you are getting the kinks worked out!
    i must say that the pics of you in your works are absolutely gorgeous!
    beautiful, lady!!!
    hope your summer is going well...other than being triple H!!!!
    it has been raaaaaainy here...blah!
    take care :D

  4. oooh wow...LOVE how your art journal is coming how you are embracing you are a beautiful soul patricia


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