Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Life is a Highway

Heard that song the other day, and decided it should be July's Calendar Layout.  Fit perfectly.  It felt good to do this.

The bottom part of my calendar.  Filling it up with some pics and things to remember so far.
Always my favorite part of the day...

...something about a cat that just relaxes me...
with summer here, Archie rolls around on the ground all the time...he's a happy kitty kat...
I thought this was too funny..."hey, Daisy, it's not all about you."
And speaking of Daisy...I love those Visa commercials and ads in the magazines, and wanted to do something with that idea with that crazy picture of Daisy in the middle of a scratch, looking kind of weird.  Had so much fun doing this today...
Went to the store, and checked out the prices of some stuff I couldn't remember, set up some pictures shots, and then put this all together.  Took a little while, but really had fun doing it.

A feeling good day...

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  1. the cats are simply gorgeous and so are the LOs. great work! love the simple life-documentary style

  2. Oh my goodness!! That is one of 'my life songs!!!'! So many memories of what I was doing when I heard that song!!
    Wow look at all your creations!! love them!! Glad it was a feeling good day :)


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