Friday, July 18, 2008

Mamma Mia!!!

While I waited for my appt. yesterday, not long at all, I had the great opportunity to pick up a magazine and read exactly what I needed reminding of:  All feelings are neither good nor bad, some are just unpleasant.  How simple and true, but most of the world doesn't live like this, so much so that I easily got caught back into thinking I "shouldn't" be feeling what I feel.  
So it's all good, even stuck in a foot healing mode for awhile...

Dennis or Lisa weren't able to go, so I decided to go see the opening of Momma Mia at the movie theatre.  Have not seen the musical yet, would love to.  But I'm still glad I went to this.   IT was FABULOUS!!!  Couldn't stop smiling during this part of the movie.  And so many other women there too, just made it a fun vibe!!  And oh, how I love Abba.  Brings back memories...

Stopped at Target before I went to get some more hair products, which I hope I like...they didn't have a big selection of products to help with smoothing out your hair for styling, but love the colors of the bottles!  And also, got some M&Ms and Jelly Bellies for the movies, and ended up not eating any of them.  Got a hot dog at the show and a Coke Zero, and I was all good, didn't need anything else.  Had taken my Byetta shot too before I ate.  Anyway, love Target's dollar section, and got two sets of the baby hangers.  And got the vase/pitcher at Tuesday Morning yesterday to do something fun with.  The color did not take well at all, it's more of a green/blue.  And while at Target, stopped at Starbucks to get more of this coffee so I can have more iced coffee at home.  It is wonderful!  Really love this one!
Oh, and earlier this week got my order I placed over a Scrap in Style.  I don't get to spend a lot on scrapbooking products, but I have come to know more of what I like, and when there's a sale of goodies like SIS can have, and hubby says we can swing it, I go for it!  I can't get these kind of goodies locally, so it's a treat.  So thankful to be able to do this.  
I got my ATCs from the SIS swap too this week and there's one that the quote is just's the orange one to the right with the flower on it, it says:  "art is the only way to run away without leaving home"  I don't take drugs, I only drink occasionally, don't smoke, making stuff is just like that...a way to escape...

And...the Beast, is what we've been calling Daisy lately ;)  Beast because the girl is not a good patient, she's her own worst enemy, and we just have to laugh about it because the girl can stress us out.  If she was better at being a patient, she could probably be fixed of all the itchy skin allergy.  And then, for several months we've put some liquid potassium in her can food and she has lapped it up, all of a sudden she's on to us.  And that can be what has made her kind of tired too, but the girl won't take it anymore.  So Dennis took a syringe and forced it down her throat!  And then the latest thing, she comes to the back door, does two very loud meows, you open the door, and now she comes in, eats and/or drinks, and then runs back out...or hangs out for only a little.
And more good stuff later today when the new Monk and Psyche come on!!  Closer came on Monday, which I love too.  And on Nicklelodeon, the new Avatars have been on...oh I love good TV!

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