Friday, July 11, 2008

Oh the Glamorous OR You Had a Bad Day

Really bad storm came fast and heavy last night and messed Daisy all up in her little sheltered area out in the screened area.  She ended up back in her litter box.  Picked her up 3 times and then enticed her with food, but she kept going back.  So this morning when I got up, I cringed at what kind of mess she'd be lying in.  And then I couldn't help but sing to myself: 

LOL!  And what a mess she had.  She threw up, she did make the litter box, but later missed :(  Then after cleaning up the messes, I had to sweep up a dead baby frog :(  I know, so sad.  I don't know if the little booger snuck in or if Archie brought it in.  I'm not scared of them, I just don't want them hopping on me!  Eeek!!  We have tons of frogs and lizards all over.  This is one of the many.  Cute little thing, but not on me or in the house PLEASE!

Oh the glamorous...the evenings are the perfect time of day, and the cats love it.  So thankful to see Daisy OUT of the box and chillin by the pool.     S T R E T C H    Her feet aren't as pretty anymore with all the skin allergies.
Oh, this IS the GLAMOROUS!!!  Both Daisy and Archie love to get under the grill and cover.  Couldn't resist all these little paw shots.  I'd love to reach out and touch that little paw, but I'd get a little warning bite ;)  They both don't have their front claws since they are inside and not out out, so I'd just get a little bite to say, HEY, stop that!

Always seeing something out in the yard...
...but no big deal and back to chillin...
OK...WHOA!!!!  Put the camera on sports mode and got a bunch of shots of Daisy having a scratching and licking fit.  I couldn't help but sing:

You had a bad day
the camera don't lie!!!!!!!!!
poor thing...that should go on a greeting card.  I love my little Daisy, but I couldn't help but laugh...I'm so bad.

...and bite...
...and lick...
Oh, Archie decided to have a nibble.
The other day at yoga, a lady came up to me after class and said, "I used to have the same gear."  I didn't know what she meant at first, but then she pointed to my shoes and the brace sticking out of it, and for yoga I wear the aircast, and the compression ankle thingy.  She broke her ankle in 3 places and she had to go through all of this and felt so sorry for me.  She hated that Richie brace.  She was sweet though and said IT will heal.  But really empathized with having to wear "the gear".

I had written down a bunch of ideas that I was getting and knew I wouldn't be doing them right away.  But finally printed up this picture of my granddad, Hollie H. Bowers, Sr.  After my Dad signed up for the Maritime during WWII, the government screwed up and spelled his name Holly.  Yes, strange name for a man...I guess it's those mountain people ;)  JK!!!  But when my sister Holly was born, Dad decided to give the name to a girl, where it fit best.  So three Holly's in the family.  I never knew my granddad.  He died of a heart attack at about 54.  I remember hearing that Dad was nervous that he wouldn't make it past 54 as well...well he did.  But he did have 2 heart attacks and open heart surgery.
...anyway...this is what scrapbooking is all about...just think this is so cool to see him like this.  And that's a round mirror with the reflection of my little camera lens.
So that's my glamorous life and a bad day all rolled up into one...can't get those songs out of my head now.

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  1. Now I have the song in my head, as there are Barbie body parts strewn over the lounge room floor lol
    Can I just say I adore the page you have made about your Granddad. Wonderful!

  2. l/o @ your grandfather...holy smokes amazing...i love how you put the mirror on fitting for a l/o with a man who stood so tall in your history & his legacy still lives on in you....

    AAAAAAAAAAmazing patricia


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