Saturday, July 12, 2008

Talk Amongst Yourselves...

...I'm a little verklempt...a little Mike Meyers humor.

Something I never ever do or practice doing...going to the mausoleum where Mom and Dad are...well, their remains, which is the reason I don't normally practice going...they are not there.  But for some reason, today, maybe because it is the 10 year anniversary of Dad's death, I decided I wanted go, and go by myself.  
The place is huge and I usually get lost, but once Mom died, I made sure to have the exact location in my cell phone so I'd have it with me.  But for some reason, nothing made sense to me...I just walked and kind of knew...turned one of the many corners, stopped, took a double take, and there they was meant for me to go, just to remember them both.  After hurricane Katrina, we hesitated calling the cemetery because we could tell the area had been under water.  We didn't find out until the one year anniversary of Mom's death when the 3 of us daughters went down there and happened to see a worker there to ask.  They were high enough that their crypts did not fill with water, but the bottom two definite were under.  I know they are not there, but it was good to hear.  Mom always wanted to get out of town at the first sign of a storm, so it was good to know their remains were safe.
And the best part was to see my friend, Allison.  One of my girls from Youth when I was a leader.  I remember her since 8th grade, now she's turning 20 this month.  She's a lethal black belt down for the World Karate Tournament.

Got home and called up Lisa to see if she had eaten yet.  So we ended up going out to eat...had good food, good dessert, and good coffee talk...

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  1. Sounds like an ups and downs day indeed. Good on you for doing this, just seeing the photos I can see it was a journey that needed to be taken. HUGS!!

  2. wonderful photos patricia...reading about how the water engulfed the cemetery was scary, it must have been so hard for you & your family...thank goodness everything was safe
    not being connected to that part of the country, it is easy to forget all the hardships that you've all been through...thanks for the reminder

    hope you have a great sunday!!


  3. Hi Patricia, what a moving post- but beautifully written. You asked about my camera etc- I use a Nikon D80 with an 18-200 mm also a 10-20mm wide angle and a 60mm macro. Lurvvve my Nikon. Have you discovered I recommend her to everyone! x


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