Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ten Years Ago Today...

Remembering my Dad.  And I have to say, even Mom hated it too, this is a really really bad picture of Mom, but we all kept a copy because it was a great one of Dad! ;)  Sorry Mom!
Both of these are some of the first scrapbook pages I did, about a year and half ago after taking Angelia Wigginton's class when she came here to our local scrapbook store.  The important thing for me was to get pictures like these in an album.
These two pictures below are some of my favorites of Dad.  He just turned 54 in the first photo, even when he wasn't working, he still wore his work clothes, but later started wearing overalls.  And the second photo is him looking in at me in my room.  I am so glad we were camera crazy and just snapped away.  I love that photo.
My sister, Holly, is more of the historian of the family since she's the oldest!  BBBWWWAAAHHHAAAHHH  ;0  But I do know that Dad worked for the United Fruit Company, which I think this had to be then because he's a little older looking.  But he was also a Maritime during WWII working on the ships.  So not sure when this was taken.
Dad and Uncle Kent back home in Virgina back in the day...way way back in the day!  Love these old photos.  Dad wearing his overalls, even then.  He loved wearing them when he was older.  We had double lots next to the house and he farmed it, yes, for real.  And he raised Amaryllis and Cacti.  Won several awards, and even created his own species.  He named one of them after the three of us girls:  Hollicia (Holly)(Lisa)(Patricia)
Dad with his Dad.  Two cool cats.  
Dad working on those ships keeping them running.  
Makes me want to pull out more pictures.  It's good to always remember all the good about our loved ones not with us anymore.  Love you, Dad.  Your Baby Girl xoxo

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