Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Yoga + Balance = Peace

I'm still standing - ON TWO FEET!  One stretch at a time.  Going to Yoga twice a week now and doing the bike at the gym for 10 minutes before.  Doctor says to test the waters and I can do this instead of going to PT.  So far so good.  Still achy and burning in the foot.  But I can do more on my feet than before.  It's slight, but I notice it more.  Like going to the grocery + putting groceries up + walking around the house doing errands + cooking + yoga all in ONE day!  That is HUGE for me right now.
I really do love fruit, just don't always want to mess with it.  But these yummy cherries just made my mouth water and still do.  Made a fruit dessert with all stone fruits.  Yum!!

I still love Rachel Ray.  Don't watch her daytime show or her 30 minutes meals much, but I still get her magazines and they are great for when you have no clue what you want for dinner.  Did this vegetable griller muffuletta last night.  And, of course, being in New Orleans, I love muffulettas.  But I'm not a huge meat eater.  I would rather grilled veggies actually and could eat my weight in them.  Oh, this was so good...will have left overs today for me for lunch!  Grilled eggplant, zucchini, red onion, portobello mushrooms, and red pepper.  Made the pesto with baby spinach, pine nuts, parmigiano-reggiano, and EVOO, made the vegetable relish from green pitted olives and giardiniera picked vegetable salad.  Scooped out the guts of the bread and piled it all on with some sliced provolone.  Looks gross, but oh so good.  The flavors are wonderful!

This was my June calendar LO.  I did it on my birthday, so it was awhile ago, just never took photo and downloaded.  The realization of "getting" older.  The journaling says:  "Look how far you've come.  41 today, June 3, 2008, You've aged, but you've grown too.  Look at how all those bad things made your faith stronger and life richer for it.  You can give others a shoulder to cry on and the empathy to listen.  You still judge people and yourself, but are quick to be aware and turn that into compassion.  You've learned to be so much more gentler with yourself and with others in turn.  You know there's no such thing as being perfect.  You've stopped striving to impress others.  You're way over the junior high days.  Cool is not always cool.  Being yourself is.  You've learned to deal with that.  You don't always go with the majority, and that's okay.  If something or someone starts to feel not right, you move on.  You do the same within yourself, just drop it if it's not feeling right.  You look within now and not for things on the outside.  So enjoy this journey.  You're a big girl now, all grown up."
And the "all grown up" part is more from losing both parents, especially my Mom.  After Mom had died, someone told my sister, Lisa, that you never really grow up until you no longer have your parents to fall back on, and it was like WOW, how true is that?  So it's not so much the age, but the "you're on your own" now.
Keeping everything in balance and doing what's right for me.  Be gentle with yourself!  You're worth it!!

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  1. journaling for your layout cuts all the b.s & gets right to the heart...amazing...amazing..AMAZING


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