Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Monday Almost Gone

Um like Om...Dennis went with me to Yoga last week as my guest.  He couldn't believe the workout that it was.  It wasn't all this meditation and's a serious workout as he soon found out.  He was sore the rest of the week and said it felt like he had finished a really long run.  That Yoga is some cool good that Dennis joined the gym!  So we're going to start going together!  So excited.  He has all the stuff at home for his workouts and runs, but this really is a lot of fun to do this together and the gym is a fun community..

And this little girlie did go to the market...this was the cover from SIStv's JJ's project from SISiversary.  I did try to finish it, but it didn't make sense to me even with two different sets of instructions.  But the cover is pretty...
Goofed around and took some silly photos of myself again...
And what a beautiful day it rained again...just a nice it.  People were leaving their baskets full of groceries with an employee while they went to get their car.  And I just put my hoodie over my head and got it.  Not nice to drive in, but otherwise...all good...
Did some more layouts last night.  Couldn't help but think of the Mr. Sandman song when scrapping the photos of Daisy and Archie chillin by the pool.  And this paper was perfect.  Someone from SIStv designed it...cut all the birds, clouds, and music out...just perfect for the feel I was going for as the cats are in dreamland...Mr. Sandman, Bring Me a Dream...  Did a technique on the photos that I learned from Ashley Wren's class...will do more of those...

I saw Sharmaine had done a layout for the Got Mojo challenge site.  They want you to use the saying "Say Hello to My Little Friend" anyway or anyhow you want, and to use a page from a book.  These pics I had taken of my mini needles, and Byetta pen were perfect.  Byetta is derived from the venomous Gila Monster Saliva, such a nice sweet cocktail...hee hee hee...  And the needles are mini, but can sometimes hurt and sting really badly giving yourself the injection, have the bruises to show for that.  Take my little venomous cocktail twice a day, so I thought this was perfect for the saying:  "My Little 'Friends' Say Hi."

I am so worn out from Yoga...if it wasn't for Dennis going with me, I probably would have stayed home.  45 minutes left of Monday...another one gone by...

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  1. I so hear you on the end of Monday! Yipee!!! 2 hrs, 7 mins for me! LOL!

    Isn't that paper the best?! I want, but I just.can't.afford.the.shipping! Yikes!!! Such a cute LO!!!

    Your green fingernails rock! And so does that photo in your stylin SIStv tee. Oh and so does your banner. Is it new, or am I not as detail oriented as I thot?!

    Yay for Tuesdays!!!

  2. love the new pages!!
    rained here today, funny being it's winter lol


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