Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Calm Before Gustav...

We're still home, cleaning up the yard and about to put the biggest yard things in the shed.  It's not going to be pretty.  We remember what it was like after Katrina with no power and no civilization around you.  

Lots of neighbors by us for Gustav and we're all here for each other.  We're not near the coast, no body of water.  But not safe from bad weather, trees falling, tornados.  It will be scary, no doubt.  Couldn't find a kennel for Daisy, we were too late.  So it will be a 24/7 watch of her in the house.  But right now we are staying.  We can leave very early tomorrow morning if we feel we should.

Such a busy but good week and we're both tired, and my 41-year old eyes that have a little more difficulty adjusting in the mornings, woke to this, and realized I should snap even these moments when I don't feel up to it.  Everything looks so beautiful...right now...
Picked up the cat bowl to give them fresh water and had to rub my eyes quite a few times to see the water blob left under it.  God speaks to you in so many unique ways...this to me is how I love my relationship with Him...
Edited both shots in Photoshop Elements.  Love the color that I changed this Peace symbol pic to.

Probably won't check back in until after Gustav...Praying for everyone in the surrounding areas that God would have mercy...

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  1. Thinking of you and hope the storms are over quickly and subdue!


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