Friday, August 01, 2008

Geez Louise!!!

20 years working and it's a hard habit to shake:  Mondays are still yucky and Fridays are always on my mind!!!  And Friday TV is the bestest:   Tonight, Doctor Who season Finale...has David Tennant been regenerated???  What one lines will Shawn and Gus be all up in on Psych?  And what case will Monk solve again being germ free?  

But aside from all that, I have been in a bitchy mood.  Harmones are going hay wire, eating out of control again...they don't call it an eating disorder for nothin.  Can't wait to go back to my doctor and maybe she'll put me back on the 10mcg of Byetta to help with the binge eating unless she's got something else she's thought of.  

Have been working on our new products for the business still.  Loving the rain, but it does need to stop so we can get single shots of the new pillow design of the alphabet pillows.  And we have officially ordered new supplies for another product...nothing new (nothing really is) that hasn't been seen, but I've loved mine to death and now it's getting a double whammy with Dennis using it too, and it's something fun to add to our pillow creations.  And we're both working on something to be added to our business to go along with the pillows.  So many ideas.  We've been so excited and having fun.  And that's what we wanted this business to be.  Not about making money, but about doing something we love.  And for that, we've been a success.

And for my hobby that I love to do...this isn't all of it...we hung it all up and got it too high on the wall...and what a bitch it was in the first place to get up there...but it's kind of good to help us out to get it at the right height.   But these are some of the pieces to it.  When I saw Martha from SIS doing a tutorial for a shadow box, knew it was perfect for what I wanted.

And Ashley's wonderful SIS class prompts was using your hand print.  Had to do these for us...

Ashley is so funny.  One of the prompts was using a date stamp.  Well, I had tried to find one awhile back and all I could find were the fancy self-inking kind that cost like $30.  Her class gave me the umph to go looking again.  Went to two Office Depots before finding one...

...but before that, went to Walmart...i really don't like Walmart...I get cold sweats in that place...
Can you believe, a Super Walmart, and I walk out with these!  I like to get in and get out...  But when I saw these, went ahead and picked them up.  Use them all the time to clean stamps, but to paint with too.
And, of course, hit Target, but not without leaving with some great sales...
Two weeks ago I had those brads in my hand and said I don't need them...when I went back they had one left, it came home, meant to be I say!  And then I stumbled upon American Craft ribbons for $1.24...and loved the colors!  
And for some reason Target is the only place right now with the dark M&Ms...our favorites and duly noted ;)
All in all, I got the date stamp for just over $4 and ended up spending a total of $20 making all these stops...not bad.

I could have died when I saw heart was just racing, my breathing faster, and chills all over...oh, I can't wait.  This was my favorite Harry Potter book...until the last one.

And then yesterday I got this from Amazon!!! The Tales of Beetle the Bard!!!! I had to refresh my the last HP book, that's the book that Hermione has with all the runes on it and the children's tale. Can't wait!!!!! I'll be getting the $7 one, not the $100 one that's based on J. K.s original book she made...

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  1. Hi Patricia! I'm finally stopping by to comment!!!

    Ooooh, I LOOOOOVVVVEEEE your pieces!!! Now I gotta go out and get me some shadowbox frames!

    And score on the goodies!!! I love the $$$1 bins at Target! I get stuff there all the time! Funny, I went to my local office supply store and got composition books for $.30 each! I use them for journaling and ink of course to do more albums.

    I hope you have a good weekend!!!

    : .)

    - Linda/phinner


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