Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gustav Preparations?

Three years almost to the day since Katrina and here we go again.   I could not believe the news how they are stirring people up, just yesterday, to make hotel arrangements, the state and parishes issuing their'd think there was a Hurricane in the gulf...

Ahhhh, then I watch good ole Bob Breck from Fox 8 News.  He is the ONLY one we watch and have always trusted.  Kind of like back in the day when we all watched Nash Roberts on channel 4.  You only watched that one weather man.  Bob will always give what the National Hurricane Center will give, but he will always tell you not to panic, plan, watch, and what he thinks may happen based on the Vipor.  Anyway, I watch him, and the panic I see on the news about a hurricane is just a tropical storm not even by Cuba yet.  Watching Bob now and he is saying that it's okay that people are stocking up and preparing, but "the anxiety level of people preparing is going off the roof".  This is life after Katrina.  People are going to panic, but hopefully they will relax and just plan and watch.  And as the Mayor of New Orleans said before Katrina over and over again...have the "wherewithal."

Plans, yes, we will be safe.  We have reservations in northeast Mississippi IF it turns into a powerful hurricane.  We normally do not leave for 1 or 2's...neighbors by us never leave, not even for Katrina, we're not that crazy.  If you've never evacuated, it's not like going on a vacation.  It's taking all of your important paperwork, pictures, necessities, and sitting in the worst traffic you can imagine, and looking at your home with different eyes...will it be here when I get back.  Even when I was a kid with all of our evacuations we did with the family, I can remember looking at the house wondering...that feeling is awful.  We went to north Louisiana for Katrina, a 4 hour drive from took 10 hours...leave earlier?  Maybe, but you just never know, and if you work, work most of the time won't let you leave in enough time to prepare your home, gather your things and hit the road, not unless you have vacation time.

But we'll be safe.  As long as we have power while we are here, I'll post.  Or if we do leave, I'll connect and say we are fine.

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