Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Heart Skipped A Beat

"...when I heard that China issued referrals through 1/31/2006!!!  I had excitement and fear at the same time.  Am I really ready to be a parent?!  It could still be more or less than 8 months more, but this is so encouraging that they are getting through the referrals."

That's what my journaling says for this layout that shows the crazy feelings I had when I heard this little bit of news.  Used "little Miss Sunshine Style Phyle from SIStv...I had that in mind when I started out making this...

It's pretty heavy too...almost half a pound LO!!!  Added the charms on the pipe clearner...all kinds of stuff on this...the material is one of the fabric choices we offer at Pillows 4 me.

I gessoed the chipboard lady first, then paint, then took Stickles and put it all over it, then while that was wet, sprinkled micro glass beads, seed beads, and little punches from punching holes in pattern paper.

Painted the white background cardstock with a little yellow, and while that was wet, sprinkled some of those punches all over it...

And speaking of China, saw some of the Olympics last night, the men's gymnastic...OMG!!!!!  They are good.  I think they have a lot of pressure on them to do good, but they were amazing!!

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