Thursday, August 14, 2008

Scissors are Good for Lots of Things

I had to do something with that photo of the rabbit, but really challenged myself to keep it very simple.  Didn't even rough up the edges...just let it go as is...  Inspired by MandyKay and the Sketch This girls, used the puffy circles.  They are an older product of Heidi Swapp, that was just sitting.  And then inspired by Kristina Contes using floss under and over the photo, I did this, but did it on a curve.  
Called "Welcome," the journaling reads:
"for 12 years we've seen deer, possum, raccoons, foxes, owls, but with more subdivisions going up, we don't see them as much.  The snakes we've seen can stay away, but this little guy and his friends can always stay around."
This, on the other hand, I wanted a LOT of layers.  I altered the photo in PE by adjusting the master hue...I liked how it changed the colors in the photo to a little purple and it was perfect.  Left the white edge around the photo, and felt like it was a photo from the 70's...kind of liking that look right now.
Title is "I Love it when it Rains," jounaling reads:  not too much rain, just a nice slow rain.  It makes me feel cozy and wanting to curl up on the couch for a good show, a good book, or a good nap."

And besides cutting up paper and ribbon, etc...I got my hair cut...just trimmed...but always nice to get it done...beautiful, sunny day today...

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