Saturday, August 02, 2008

So Caught Up In You

Been eyeing the Zutter machine where you can make your own books/journals.  Saw that Hobby Lobby had a sale on it, went all the way over there, and it wasn't on sale...but...the girl said that tomorrow their 40% coupon will be out and it can be used towards it!  Yeah!!!  Got some spirals while I was there and this pretty brown lace trim that was $1.39 for the bulk...on clearance.  Then went over to my local scrapbook store and bought some beautiful October Afternoon, they were just were calling me, and the little embellies are so cute with it...along with a few other goodies.  I did drop off my bra for their competition and voted for myself while I was there.  All the others are FABULOUS!!!  Lots of creativity!
Stopped at the grocery next door to pick up just a few of my favs right now...
On the way back from Hobby Lobby, heard this old .38 Special song come on the radio, and it made me think of Emma.  Dennis and I actually talked, for real, about maybe we should try and give up on the adoption.  We're NOT in any hurry to become parents, just having a discussion.  I need to make that clear.   Please no sympathy, can't stand that...not allowed!   If we were to be pregnant, we would stop the adoption...two of us in our 40's, first time parents, one is plenty thank you very much.  So then I told him, "You have to get rid of your red bracelet (based on the Chinese Red Thread Legend), and You will have to help get rid of everything that we had gotten specifically with her in mind...all the Chinese/adoption books for her, the clothes with lady bugs, the little Asian outfit a friend gave us...and as we looked around and kept seeing more and more little things that friends have given us or we had gotten as reminders about her..."

So then I hear this song today...I just couldn't help but think of Emma Dorothy...the little girl we do not know, that we've named already and have given her my Mother's name, that we know God and His allowing us to feel the presence of my Mom and Dad's inheritance is making this many Divine occurrences, just cannot be denied.  And the both of us so adamant on not wanting kids for the longest, having to actually pray that if God wants us to have kids, He's gonna have to give us the desire, and He does...He's got to follow that through, and I have to say I'm so caught up on Emma...there's no other for us.

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  1. i wish i knew bible verses better...but i'm a Catholic & we aren't known for i do remember one beautiful one @ time...that there is a time for hope,time for joy, time for everything in the world...
    sometimes when i get myself caught up in trying to plan everything & worrying about what will be that helps me...i hope it will give you solace too :)




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