Saturday, August 09, 2008

Some Goodness

Well, I have been loving blue lately, especially blue/green colors like this aqua a darker shade too that's great.  I see a layout in this one...hands tell a lot...and I'm seeing a lot to tell...
I get a little shock from time to time when I forget that this is rug rats a/k/a Archie's new place to sleep is in the corner of my closet...
Saw the movie Martian Child, I think that's the name, with John and Joan Cusak...great movie about a widower (John Cusak), adopting a foster child that believes he's from Mars.  John Cusak's character is a best selling science fiction author...he's everything I hope to be in a parent...lots of patience to work with a child like that and so much to give.  The credits were so amazing and this is totally inspired by that, all the way down to the fake polaroids.  Started out folding and cutting them, and realized they looked just as good when placed just right on white cardstock.  Another thing that struck me from the credits was how the name of the actors kind of faded above their names and the Lucky Charms that the little boy ate all the added those little details into these for Daisy and Archie..."You Do the Chillin Thing So Good"

"Doing That Thing You Do"

I could spend all day taking photos all over.  Inspired by Ashley Wren's Overlooked, I took photos of the street signs of where I grew up, found an old house photo, and using the lyrics...came up with this:  "Our House In the Middle of the Street"
I think I might add more to this...but used the coffee bag from my Starbucks coffee I just this smells so good...
Added this to my art journal.  "Be Creative Everyday"   Pic I took at Target and the journaling says:  
  • make a layout
  • make a journal page
  • make dinner
  • make something
  • make a decision
  • make creativity
I was thinking as I did this how we as women really put a lot of unneeded pressure on ourselves and are so hard on ourselves.  EVERYONE is creative, everyone was created by the Creator and if we were made in His image, we have creativity in matter what it is.  I'm no star creator of any kind, I won't be published, I won't win a fancy prize...I don't want to, it wouldn't mean anything to me.  Every and any kind of way we can create, just DO IT!
And talk about creativity!!!!!  oooozing with inspiration here!!!!!!  They didn't hold back...
1. opening-ceremony-7, 2. opening-ceremony-6, 3. opening-ceremony-10, 4. opening-ceremony-5, 5. Opening Ceremony @ the Beijing Olympics, 6. Opening Ceremony @ the Beijing Olympics

China, you are FABULOUS!!!!!!  Wow, that was awesome.  I don't think I've ever been so engrossed by an opening ceremony before.  Thought of the stress involved with all the details, the planning, the making, the designing, the everything!.  I think I heard them say there wasn't a repeat performer, they were all different!  It didn't go was so inspiring and gorgeous!!!!!!!!  Some serious goodness going on!!!!!!

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  1. oooh, that first LO is sooo colorful and cute. who could resist taking pixs of a contented kitteh?!

    and yes, go get mamogram stat!!! one of my best friends and a co-worker's sister have been treated for bc in the past 2 months! a v. important appt!

    I hope you have a good week!


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