Saturday, August 16, 2008

This SISter Rocks!!!

Feeling funky, and not doing a whole lot.  Filling orders, so keeping busy with that, and did do this flower arrangement thingy from a webisode I had seen over at SIStv back in either April or May.  Was ready to do the flowers back then, but couldn't find the right vase or holder thingy, until when I found this pitcher at Tuesday Morning for $10.  Loved the color which is teal in real life with the ruffled edges like old milk glass or something.  Didn't like the way they were coming out with the pipe cleaners, so used a technique from Andrea Wiebe's class with floral wire going through the buttons and flowers, twisted that behind it, then floral tape all the way down it.  I couldn't help but laugh at myself...I had all the floral wire and tape already from years ago from doing some kind of arrangement's good not to throw away that stuff.  

I just got my order from Fancythat.  Had to order from them, because by the time I saw that SIStv had it, they were sold out.  It came in so handy for these.  It's like clear packing tape, but with a design.  I could have used regular clear packing tape, but the yellow design was pretty with this.  Filled the pitcher with those glass balls and just stuck them in there.  After looking at it for awhile, I may add something else, or something to the vase like rubons or something, but for now...this is all I was motivated to how it's wirey and whimsical looking...
Made a little butterfly out of left over pipe cleaner I had sprayed with Glimmer Mist.  I didn't want to waste all of those, since I didn't use them as the stems, so also made little curlies for the flowers.
This SIStv SISter known as {bzzyfingers} really does ROCK!!!  She organized a Rock Out ATC.  But with a twist.  Not just doing ATCs but we had to pick a song, burn it, and send with the cards.   She took all 30 songs from everyone in the swap, ripped them, then burned them all on a CD for us.  Had soooo much fun listening to the songs while Dennis and I tried to see who could pick the card that went with the song first.  He surprised me, by getting one over me, but that's all he did ;)  He's not a music person.  So many talented girls!!!  Just blow me away...ooohed and aaahed over all of them...
And not only did bzzyfingers ROCK the Rock Out ACT, but she sent me a RAK!!!  Chipboard musical notes, a litte book, and old music sheets, PLUS an additional CD of songs!!!!
And she put it all in this beautiful folder!!!
A lot of work she had to do for the swap!  Thank you, bzzyfingers!!!!!

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