Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What's Up Doc?

Another wonderful rainy day, except for in the middle of the night, it was a pretty bad sounding storm.  Daisy wasn't too happy, but she still wants to be outside, which is better for us anyway.  It's a win/win with her being out on the screened area.

Dennis and I had talked about upgrading our sewing machine.  Well, we finally did it today!!!  So excited.  Setting up some new space in the house so it'll be better for the both of us.  Can't wait to learn some new things for our personal use, but for the business it'll be so much faster and easier, but also giving us the quality we want in some of the new products we're working on, that the other couldn't do.  It does embroidery as well, which is something else we've wanted to add, so will put that to good use as well.  We're both so excited.  How many men get excited over a sewing machine?!  I love him!!!  We have so much fun together.  Corny, but true.

When we got home, saw this little friend out in the yard.  Have been seeing them a little more lately.  Took a chance and walked out there.  Now, of course, as I reminded Dennis, if I had a zoom lens, the shot would have been mine!  Just a friendly dig.  But it was still fun.  Cropped the photo and played with it in Photoshop Elements using some of the things I'm still learning through Adrienne Looman's Artistic Edge class.

Changed the colors of the grass and pinched this photo...
Same photo here, just cropped a little better with the rabbit right in the center and kept the grass green, still using the pinch to distort, that really makes him stand out...
And this was the original photo...really like how the effects above changed the entire photo.
Got my new prescription for Byetta going back to the 10 mcg...stung like crazy...uh.  So much cheaper going through mail.  Without insurance, the three pens would have probably been close to $900+.  With insurance, I would have paid about $350.  With the mail in, it was $117.  Oh, that is soooo wonderful!!!!!

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