Monday, September 29, 2008

My New Job

You know how when you start a new job and you are learning all the stuff like how they do this and how they do that, and learning new stuff you didn't do before.  Well, I'm doing all of that, plus some, all at one time...but I'm the one putting all the pressure on myself and no one telling me to do it.  How crazy is that?  Maybe it's the Bowers in me.  I've always been that way.  I set my mind to doing something, and I will do it.  If I lose interest in it, forget it.  Or worse yet, I get a control-freak manager telling me what to do, and I lose all interest completely.   It's got to be something that drives me and let me go and do my thing.

Dennis has been doing the same thing.  He's really been putting a lot of effort in some new designs.  It takes so much hard work.

Dennis is more of the sewer of the two of us, although he was surprised at how good I was at it and how much I did know.  You see, he wasn't the only one who grew up with a Mom and grandmother(s) that sewed.  He's just the one that did the quilting and has more recently done it.  So I signed up for this charms(squares) purse class at our local sewing store.  I thought it would be a learning experience for me.  And it was.  And I was also able to show Dennis a thing or two ;) we always like to show each other off.
I didn't know that the class was all day!  Yikes.  That really was a shock for me.  I just wasn't prepared.  I didn't bring my Byetta.  So I had to go all the way home and then back and grab something quick and eat in the car to get back.  The teacher was kind of a slave driver ;)  I mean that nicely, but she was pretty regimented with the class.  So after my eyes were starting to stay permanently crossed on me, I finally looked at the lady next to me, and said, "I'm over it, done with it, and outta here."  So I was able to at least breathe a little when I got home, get some coffee, chill, and I couldn't let it lie when it was almost actually did finish the purse in one day.  Before the liner and outside were together, I took advantage of that, and embroidered my name on it.  And now that I've done it, it would be easier for the next time.  I don't have the name of the pattern in front of me.  If anyone is interested to know, email me and I'll give you the info on it so you can do a bag yourself.  
Used a button from my scrapbooking stash.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate my local scrapbook store.  The area here has what's called ScrapFest and I asked them if Dennis and I could be a vendor for our business, Pillows 4 Me, at the event.  They said no because we were not scrapbooking related.  I was shopping one day at my local scrapbooking store and brought up our business.  He said you ought to be a vendor at ScrapFest....well, I did and they said no...he said make some up and we'll put them up.  I couldn't believe.  So I wanted them to be specific for them.  The name of the store is Scrappersaurus.  So kind of a long name to do in pillow letters.  And the whole event, to me anyway, is about creating, which is what are pillows are all about and what scrapbooking is all about.  So used the creative way of saying "Create" by spelling it "CrE8."  Made my own scrapbooking embellishments, embroidered "at Scrappersaurus" at the bottom of the 8, which by the way, is the first of the 10 numbers that Dennis designed so far.  We're getting's just tougher than what you think...lots of trial and error, with more error. 

I was just so happy to see how well they came out and to see what I was aiming for...that they went perfectly with the stores logo and look.  Just fun and happy.  And what made me even more happier was when we dropped them off to see the smile on the wife/owner's face.  She was so excited to tell the husband when he walked in, "look what they did for us."  Small businesses taking care of each other.  I really appreciate them.  Did hear that we had lots of interest.  And one of the other vendors, that is a friend of mine, she and her partner said we could do the same for their booth next time around, they would be more than happy to do it.
We are really growing and expanding and really starting to take off with the business.  And my new job.  I do not have time for a "real" job.  This keeps me way too busy.
...but I did have to do some scrapping, which I'm about to do now as well, to keep my sanity and document all this amazing stuff!
So this is my September calendar made at the end of the month...hey, at least it's done and it documents the biggest thing that took place...Gustav.  And just went crazy...nothing that would win an award, that's for sure...or be published, but to me, it conveys my anxious feelings and documents what's going on...
...and more of the new job.  I have overloaded myself with learning...I really thought that digitizing was like no way, I'm not doing that, not now.  I have enough to learn with the software, having two computers (one Mac and one Dell), learning stabilizers, stitch counts, how to hoop, how to embroider...ahhh, getting that all picked out, on the Internet to not be a confusing mess...enough already...  Well...that's just not me.  Not even a month has passed, and I'm embroidering, getting and always learning about which stabilizer for which fabrics, how to use the software, how to pull up designs, get them to the big machine...and doing more of the sewing of the letters...but also digitizing, yes, digitizing...basic/gotta start somewhere, but doing it.  So this is my first digitized design that I did this week...the Om/Yoga symbol.  Really an excellent one to do because it is so basic.  But it was a .jpg file, so I had to draw over it on the computer, which is very new to me...Hello?! ALL of this is new to me...losing my mind a little, not having fun a little, and that's when I have to take a break like I'm doing now...and then I have fun with it again...

Lots of little mistakes on it, but that is great, like I said this was a basic shape, and a good one to start out with...already fixed my mistakes and have it saved ready to go again.

So we're a little crazy right now.  We have more samples to run so we can show the embroidering on our site.  We have more samples to run to show for the St.Tammany/Washington Fair, which is thanks to our amazing local sewing store.  And before we know it, it'll be March...which we are hoping to be ready for the Kid's Directory vendor exhibit.  So YIKES!  Things are blossoming and it's crazy, exciting, scary, stressful...I  HAVE  MORE THAN JOB...!!!  So exciting!!!

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  1. ohm my gosh! that is soooo totally cool! that cre8 is so very awesome too!!!

    glad to see a post too!!!

  2. I love your bag!!!! Great colors!!!

    My mom is making these too!!! She just made me an americana one that I had her change up just a little!!

    Love your CRE8, so cute!!!


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