Tuesday, September 02, 2008

power still out

still using cell phone. they have been great. nothing like after katrina. able to get and make calls, able to use internet through cell as well.

checked our power cos website. could be another two to three weeks. bad thing is we have well water. so when no power no water. it's still trickling when we wash our hands. just have to reserve flushing the toilet and use bottled water as much as possible.

today has been the hottest and most humid so far. did more scrapping during the day and the paper was wilty from the dampness in the air.

we both went for a swim to cool off. felt so good. then took turns bathing with some bottled water in the tub. just enough to help u feel better.

parish pres says some stores should be open. so we will check tom. have gas stove so can cook a little.

that's all for now.

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