Friday, October 24, 2008


So glad I can come here and vent from time to time...blogging has been good therapy and another form of a creative outlet.  And blog land and mainly my scrapbooking hobby have brought me in contact with so many wonderful creative people as well.  Some that I have been able to meet in person and those that one day I will or at least our paths keep crossing because of our interest in photography and scrapbooking ;)  So way over seeing my name dropped from someone's blog and completely thankful for the friendships I have.  And especially thankful to Linda, Sharmaine, and Kyoko for your recent comments.  Really appreciate you and thankful to this blogging thing that I can make relationships with people all over the world.  How cool is that?!

So going through lots of pictures from some recent trips.  Of course, my ADD kicks in a bit and I wish I could sit a learn more about Photoshop, I will, but not right now.  After I finish editing them, I'll post upload them to Flickr.

But another big thing to be thankful for...I SURVIVED THE FAMILY TRIP!  Good to see my big brother, Steven, getting married again.  And Tammy has been a part of our lives now for about 3 years, so happy to have her in the family officially now.

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