Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Still Alive...Just Barely ;)

I'm still here.  Wondering about ending my blog.  But going through what it means to me.  It didn't help with the blow I just had seeing that someone else that had just recently added my blog to their blog around June and don't know when, but checked today to email her, and found I was gone.  Wow...I knew I didn't have friends, but just wow!  I told Dennis I'm either A) Not talented enough to be of interest B)  She doesn't have a need for me one way or the other  C)  She has issues

Well, either way, I didn't need to see that to confirm that I don't have friends, just a low blow. 

Here goes for some of the stuff I've been up to as far as scrapbooking:

A book I did of some of the recent things with our business...

My October calendar.  Made the background of the LO with masking tape over cardstock and then painted over it.  Instead of a serious type LO, kind of turned it around to be more silly...

Did the bottom to match...

Have been having some really cute orders and just one of the pictures we took of a great order we got.  I love that she picked all different types of blue...
And Daisy has really been doing great.  Dennis made her a little bed outside since it gets a little chilly at night.  She looks a little intoxicated in some of these, but I had just woken her up.  She is such a sweetheart...

Need to give her fluids today, and she knows it's coming...she runs everytime she sees both me and Dennis together...

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  1. drafting an email to you now!!!

    : .)

  2. Hey, waving franticly from over here, it's me... a friend....
    please keep blogging, its my only connection with people and it makes me sad to see people leave blogland.
    LOVE your new shares, aren't you clever!! Love how you painted the last layout!!! AWESOME!!!
    Sorry I don't get 'here' as much but I do read through bloglines, I read every bit.

  3. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Oh, how adorable she is! I am very happy to know that Daisy is doing great! Of course I love Archie! Your works are always inspirational!!


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