Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tea Time

Have gone back and forth from coffee and tea for a long time...and was really wanting some teas...so while I was grocery shopping, picked up these 4...exactly what I needed...
My poster from the Equus play...put it on the top shelf of my creative corner for right now anyway...but I do like it up there...
Finally did a little scrapping last night..."What I {Heart} About Fall" and listed the 5 things.  Love the pattern paper...it's from Black Society that I got locally at our my scrapbook store.

And thankfully, we didn't get any orders while we were out of town, but as soon as we got back, we've been getting them again.  Perfecting timing.  So hopefully I'll be able to get more scrapping done along with tea time...

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1 comment:

  1. hey you!!!

    love the fall piece, where'd you get the sbuxs mermaid??? read your loooonnnggg post yesterday, but so busy at work, didn't have time to submit a comment, hee!!!

    still keeping my fingers crossed for that bebe to get here quick!!!

    talk at you soon!!!


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