Monday, December 29, 2008

Someone to Check Out

I've done Rhonna Farrer's 21-day Challenge and loved it!  Her designs around the quotes were just amazing...all digital.  I've dabbled with the digital a little and I really liked it.  Always something to learn with Photoshop Elements and doing different digitizing techniques.  It gets a little overwhelming...or maybe it's just me.

I was so excited to get an email from Rhonna that she is starting a new blog.  This is one blog I will be checking out often to learn what I can.  I have the mind-set that I need to learn everything like right now...but when I do sit down and can clear my mind long enough to do one thing, I can look back and see that all of those one things added up and I've come a long way without stressing myself...just letting it evolve.

So check out Rhonna's blog when you can and spread it to others that are interested in stretching their creativity through the digitizing world.

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