Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yes, A White Christmas!!!

I woke up to my sister texting me asking is it snowing everywhere?  I thought she had kind of lost it...Dennis got up first, and started screaming!!!!!  Haven't had this much snow here since December 1989 when I went with Dennis to his families for Christmas when we were dating.  First time away from home, and it had snowed!  I was so sad to be away from home.  The last white Christmas was the last one Mom had in 2004, but it didn't stick.  Always exciting around here when we can experience a little snow every 20 years or so ;)
My sister lost power, so Dennis went to pick her up and I made my Mom's chicken and spaghetti...ahh...felt like we were kids again and Mom and Dad had something good cooking on the stove or oven...really a great day!

Busy making gifts.  Lots of stuff from the 30 days to a Handmade Christmas from SIStv, and I purchased the Love You Latte download from them to make those little thought gifts.

More SIStv handmade Christmas gifts and fun things...made these Christmas crackers.  Was able to get the snaps online, so lots of fun popping these open!!!  
More SIStv projects.  Glitter doesn't show up as good in person, but it is a fine glitter and looks amazing on these styrofoam balls that I spray painted red first.  The sparkle mod podge works great too for a little extra sparkle.
And SUPER busy with orders...YIPPEE!!!!!!  We feel like Santa's little's great!!!

I don't like football, but love watching Dennis watch Alabama play.  He's calling his Bama friend while watching...very  close game, until the end...oh well...
Had to document my excitement of being able to walk, stand, climb stairs, and just live again!!!!  It's been such a long recovery.  I would have better off to have broken a bone, than to tear a tendon...
Video of our screened in area while it was snowing.  Kind of cool looking to see all of the snow on the roof and the pool area clean while it is white outside!

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  1. oooh, those gifts will be much appreciated!!! I love the glitter balls! I want to try to make those!!!

    and I am soooo jealous about the snow! I got my first snow alert today! of course, we're lucky that we had rain here today. I'm a total Cali girl, it was in the 50's here today and I am sooo cold!!1 LOL!!!

    oh, and happy for all your orders!!! that just rocks!!! do you have the om pillow available yet??? : .)


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