Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Creative Binge

We've both been busy working on new things for our business and filling orders.  Another great month.  And we still have projects for the house that we want to do, like that window frame.  Just need to get the primer now for it, tape it up, pick the colors, and...the reason why I think it's sat is I'm not completely sure what I want to put in the window parts or what types of pictures.  But it WILL happen.  And finally working on another home project I've wanted to do for us.  Taking Ashley Wren's class over at Scrap in Style.  Had to sign up when I saw the email.  Her class was one of my favorites at SISiversary.  And just two days in, I'm blown away.  She is just wanted I needed to give me a push and creative therapy.  Then Martha did her first tutorial over at SIS and it really got me inspired again to get all these little projects for the house done! And to do the projects that mean the most to me.

And you'd think creating/scrapbooking/altering you'd be on your butt, NOT.  And I had no choice but to stand, then he got annoyed with me!  Hello?!  Every time I snuck in, he gave me a look to kill.  Sorry for disturbing your cat nap, sir.  And my corner is a mess as always, and it has spread again throughout the house!  ;)  But we've both just been doing a lot, so it's to be expected.  Work is in progress around here.

Did a little of the Artistic Edge class with Adrienne Looman.  Did a little warping.  Not the best picture for the task, but it's warped!  Altered the shed too.
Lots of rain lately.  Love to see it rain, not storm, just a nice rain.  The grass and everything is so much more greener after.  Two of my favorites:  Rain and the most beautiful part of the day...evening just before getting dark.
I do like this photo that I used for my blog banner for the warp technique.  Really gives the feel of the rainy day.
This is not what I planned on making, but went with the new direction it was going in, and hung it on the wall to enjoy.  Could have added more to it, but...the subject of this project was kind of in the way;)  And really didn't feel like doing anything else to it.
Used my Mom's old typewriter.  I don't know what she did with the normal font.  I spent a lot of hours, when I was a young-in, on that typewriter practicing when I was in school.  That thing has got to be over 20 years old.  She used it a lot more as she got older and the arthritis was bad for her. 
The boy loves me, seriously loves me.  No one can grasp how much he loves me unless you saw it for yourself and then he'd go run and hide so you'd never know.  Again on my chair, and he kept spinning around and wouldn't stay still.

This is why he is my rug rat!  I cannot walk or do anything without him begging for attention.  I usually just pick him up, put him over my shoulder and go about my business.  It's really pathetic.
LOVED this Bath and Body Works ad I got in the mail.  I actually was about to throw it away and took a double take...had to go journal...
Changed it up a little, still used hand prints, just partials though.  Love this color paint too. 

It'll be a busy week.  Hopefully pictures to show later...and had to add this song to the blog for now...just keep singing in my head for some reason...

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dude, That's Rad!!!

DOCTOR WHO WILL BE CONTINUED!!!  WHAT??!!!  I heard Russell Davies wanted to go out with a bang, and looks like he has written his most RAD Doctor Who!  Well, I can't wait...so a couple of weeks ago, I did go searching on the web...I knew someone had to have written about it since Britain had already showed the last one...I had to find out if David Tennant would still be the Doctor...I'm bad yes!  I'm not saying though ;)

And during the commercials, couldn't just sit still, so cut out a bunch of "friends" from the Bam Pop paper to go along with something I wrote a few months ago.  After watching Monk (so sad Stanley Kamel died so young (Dr. Kroger), he is being missed) and Psych, I glued the paper, painted all the edges last night, then stayed up again till about 2 a.m. starting on my first book to be read to Emma:

I Do Not Like Bugs
written by:  Patricia Roebuck
Have a pen/pencil and paper by you AT all times!!!  Or holla for the nearest person to hurry and get you some paper and a pen, quick!!!  I was enjoying our beautiful screened area by the pool one summer day, and one too many buzzzz, buzzzz, buzzzz and I came in :(
I do not like bugs I said
I do not like bugs
I do not like bugs
I do not like bugs!!!!!
Little Archiemeister was on my lap and/or I was icing my foot, one or the other, when these words rang in my head and Dr. Suess inspiration came a knocking! 
ME:  Dennis, quick paper and pen, PLEASE!
DENNIS:  Don't tell me, you've thought of something?
ME:  Yes, hurry!
ME:  Thank you!  Love you ;)
ME:  Dennis, I got it.  What do you think?
DENNIS:  You wrote that?
ME:  Yes, thank you very much.
DENNIS:  You really wrote that?
ME:  Gee thanks, yes!
ME:  What do I create with this?  A Layout with some Dr. Suess characters?
DENNIS:  No, you ought to do a book.
ME:  Why YES, a book with peek-a-boo's in it that will be something cute for Emma.

That piece of paper with my little story, poem, rhyme??? whatever you call it just sat, along with the little book I had picked out for it until last night...loved all that Bam Pop and DUDE (just sounds good with the Bam Pop), it was perfect for this!!!  Everything is Bam Pop, except the book is Tinkering Ink, paint, flocking, glitter, Tsukineko glue pad, buttons, ribbon, embroidery thread, and computer and printer for my story.

the day may be sunny
the flowers as sweet as honey,
but one buzz from a bug
will send me abuzz

you might think I'm smug
you might think I'm rude,
but after a bug or two,
I will leave you

they can crawl
they can buzz
but not by me at all

i do like hugs and pugs
and a hot coffee mug
but I undeniably, unashamedly
do not like bugs

I'm silly no doubt,
but the truth will out
I do not like bugs

written by:  Patricia Roebuck

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Night Owl

Once I got adjusted to not working after 20 years...my night owl habits came back.  Although, I always knew I wasn't a morning person, I was just one of those never late to work kind of people, and if I was, I freaked.  Some nights are worse than others.  When I start making stuff, I like to stay up late to do it.  So last night it was 2 a.m. before I realized Dennis was still up too watching TV.  He's under the weather and can't sleep or get comfortable.  He ended up going to bed since he had a service call today, then I ended up watching the movie "The Gift."  I was a little freaked by Greg Kinnear being the bad guy, although I love him and Cate Blanchett.  So it wasn't until 4 a.m. when I went to bed.  The other morning, Daisy woke me up at about 4:30 a.m. wanting in to eat/drink, then to run back out, the crazy little thing.  And I was thinking then how I used to get up between 4:30 and 5 a.m. to workout before I had to get ready for work.   The habit of working out lasted a year, but really was insane. 

So had fun playing in my little corner listening to the Momma Mia album I bought from iTunes. 

Oh my...I finally used some fun Sassafrass...these sticker letters were so much cuter once on a layout...so simple and gives a good effect.  Wanted to remember the visit with Allison, even though a bad picture, just makes me smile knowing I got to see her.  She'll be 20 tomorrow!!!
All those cute cat pics I've gotten, hard to pick, but decided on the one here with Archie yawning, and decided too to use some of my Bam Pop papers for the silly, fun feel of this.

This is a layout that we were taken step-by-step through at Scrap, Etc. event in April using all Hambly products.  I finally picked some pics from the event to put on here.  But love that they did this because it showed a really cool and unique way of using their beautiful papers and overlays that most people are scared to cut up.
This was Heidi Swapps layout she stepped us through from the Scrap, Etc. event using her World Traveler papers.  I bought the whole kit of this to play with, but kind of saving for when Emma comes along.  Finally picked a picture for this one too.
The wall is looking colorful as i swap out the layouts I want to look at.
And speaking of color...I was thinking today of all of the craft making I've gotten into.  Crocheting, painting, and cross-stitching...serious cross-stitching.  I got into using linen instead of the normal aida fabric, and very intricate patterns.  These Lavender and Lace patterns were my favorites because they had such a real look of detail, but that detail took a really long time to do.  My eyes and my hands can't handle this sort of work anymore, but love having these on our walls...

This sampler wasn't by Lavender and Lace, can't remember the name.  But doing samplers was one of my favorite things to make.
Can't wait for the season finale of Doctor Who tonight, then there's The Closer, Monk and Psyche to look forward too.  And have something else I'm working on that I have been wanting to do, don't know exactly how I want it to come out.  But doing it with Emma in mind.  And have got a new product I can now start working on for our Pillows 4 Me.  It will go along with the pillows.  We really need to take a bunch of pictures of some other things Dennis had worked on.  I'm glad he's creative too.  We've had a lot of fun with the pillows and seeing what people order.  We just get excited for them.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

You Can Dance, You Can Jive, Having the Time of Your Life

Gee, that baby hanger I got at Target the other day doesn't quite look like it used to!!!!!  This is what I had planned for that cute little alligator hanger, poor thing didn't have a chance.  My local scrapbooking store is having a contest:  to alter a bra.  But if we don't get these back, I'm not entering, it's staying with me, already have a place for it.  After seeing Momma Mia, just carried the fun of the memories of all those wonderful Abba songs and the musical to this lovely bra.  Not my bra, a cheap $5 bra from Big Lots.  Love this paint color, the base color.  It's Making Memories Lagoon...really loving blue right now, always have loved green, so it's a little of both.  And it gave the feel of the movie's setting in Greece.  I wanted a 70's feel to fit the group and the song, and had a ball...did I just rhyme?  Oh what a crime!  
I love these American Craft Thickers...that glittered gold or tangerine color was perfect for this.

Altered a mirror with spray paint, yellow and blue using a Heidi Swapp butterfly mask.  Then used her pink rub on letters.  Used the Krylon Gold pen to make the hardware of he hanger gold.  Hand sewed the bra to the hanger...wanted to be all part of it.
The chandelier is wonderful Hambly overlay and some Heidi Swapp chandelier danglies.

Have the time of your LIFE!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Some Bonding Time

 Dennis was a little disappointed that I didn't wait to go see Momma Mia with him, so I said, I'll go again!  He loved it.  Just a fun movie.  Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Julie Walters, all of them...they did such a good job.  Really impressed with their singing.  So fun.  And it was so cool to see cameos by Benny and Bjorn from Abba.  And love that the theatre has Coke Zero...a nice splurge... 
We haven't had this kind of fun in awhile.  We were being our long-lost silly, crazy, stupid selves...and took pictures to capture the silliness...
...and we've both decided these are the best pictures of us...when our faces aren't in them!

Oh, this is sooo Dennis.  He cannot have tea without Splenda...

The weekend was a lot of fun for us too.  Not only just having silly fun, we did and are still doing a lot of brain storming on some new things to add to our Pillows 4 Me.   Driving all over in search of some things we have in mind.

And the best way to make Dennis's day is to go out to eat.  His favorite thing to do!  And I do love D'Angelo's...oh, so good!
He's so happy.
One of our stops was the Starbucks at Target.  Dennis is not a coffee drinker, but he likes the Mocha.
This was a huge splurge for me.  I usually get a vanilla latte at Starbucks.  But really felt like a frappuccino...nice little treat.
Fun little trip to Target...
DVR is the best thing ever...and have been loving the re-runs of Charmed, never saw them when they were on the WB.  And all the new shows that are out...The Closer, Monk, Psyche, Doctor Who (oh, the season finale will be this Friday, I think 2 hours), Avatar (Mark Hamill was the fire lord, so cool)...  ...watching a DVR of Charmed and get up and see this!!!!!!!!
I was worried they'd both move and come to me if I walked out, but they were so relaxed, more like deliriously relaxed, they barely moved.  Did have to use my camera cloth I got...so humid the lens fogged up right away.  They just love this time of year.
I think Daisy relaxes more when Archie is out there with her.  They never have gotten along, but she does seem to look more relaxed...
I love to see her like this...like a normal cat that isn't sick.

Just love those paws...
I need to do some scrapbooking...I've gotten some really cool pictures that mean a lot to me.  And I love the imperfect ones the best.   Just snapping away and being in the moment...loving it! 

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